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TOP 10 MUSCLES WOMEN NOTICEWomen definitely love a man who is ripped. But, this is not the only muscle that ladies check out in bed or at the beach. It is true that each and every woman has a favorite muscle that turns her on. Thus, we have come up with a top ten list of muscles that women notice most. Take a note of each one of these muscles so than you maximize on sculpting them the next time you hit the gym.

Here are the Top 10 Muscles Women Notice:


A broad back to give you that awesome V-shaped torso: Women’s attraction to men with a broad back can be traced back to the ages of our ancestors when men needed to be strong enough to protect the women from the savage world. A broad back is an indication of strength and power and the V-shaped torso is currently considered as sexy by scores of women.


There is a lot of fuss about 6 – pack abs in the 21st century, and is considered one of the sexiest muscles in men. You can pride yourself having bulging biceps but if you have got a protruding gut, most choosy women woman will be hesitant to accept you as their partner. They assume that, sooner or later, the little fat on your gut will soon will evolve into a full grow protruding tummy.


Shoulder muscles are considered as the muscles of war and love. The broader your shoulders are the more attractive you look. Moreover, broad shoulders are coupled with a broad back, gives you an awesome figure (a complete look) that literally sweeps women off their feet.


Women love a man’s chest as much as they love theirs. Women love touching, licking, kissing, and lying on a man’s chest and it is certainly a turn-on for most women. Moreover, a big chest gives you an upright pose making you look more confident.


There is nothing more disappointing than to see that a man with broad shoulders, a wide chest and a broad back but only to find out he has got chicken legs (thin legs). This disproportionate look is not even remotely attractive. Women yearn for a man who is not only fit but also has an overall sense of strength. Thus, it important you work out your entire body (your legs included) for you to have that proportionate body that every woman yearns for.


Rock hard calves are accompanied by a tight round or tight butt that women love. This is because when you are exercising your legs, you are also working out your butt as well. You will be surprised to realize that just as their male counterparts, women check out a man’s butt to access his masculinity.


Having strong hamstrings gives an added advantage to a man when having sex. This is because the woman can easily rub herself against his strong hamstrings (pubic bone) to get more pleasure.


A poll conducted on Cosmopolitan readers, indicates that 1 in every 5 women find well ripped biceps very attractive.


Women perceive a man with strong forearms to be very hardworking i.e. he can protect her, can earn a decent living and can maintain a skillful touch long enough to leave her fully satisfied.

There are many benefits of building a proportional rock hard solid, lean muscle. It will not only improve your physical attractiveness thus land you a woman of your dreams but also improve your health strength and self confidence.

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