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Six Pack Shortcuts Review: Can You Really Fast Track Your Six Pack Results?

Certified personal trainer Mike Chang has helped thousands of guys get amazing abs. The catch is that even though he has killer abs now, he once received no results from his workouts. Therefore, he hasn’t always known what he was doing! Now, he wants to teach you what he has learned about eating and exercising for killer abs in his program called Six Pack Shortcuts. But will it really get you the results you are looking for quickly? Find out in our Six Pack Shortcuts review.Mike Chang Six Pack ShortcutsThe Truth About Mike Chang As we said, he is a certified personal trainer. However, he is no ordinary personal trainer. He is one of the few who has taken a step forward and really made his presence known to world, thanks to YouTube. His videos usually receive over 100,000 views, sometimes over 300,000 views, and he has over 1 million followers that want to keep tabs on what he has to say.Via YouTube, his training techniques have helped thousands of guys experience the same results he has experienced, which means his knowledge is not specific towards his body and lifestyle. He has real-world techniques that can help anyone get the six pack abs that they want.Because of his success, Mike Chang has now devoted his life to teaching people the right way to get the abs they want. In short, he knows what doesn’t work (but is still being suggested by other ab guys), and he demonstrates real way that six pack abs are developed through his YouTube channel and through his Six Pack Shortcuts program.

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What Is In the Program?

You could go ahead and watch his YouTube channel to get bits and pieces of advice that will help you get the abs you want, or you could just buy his program that contains everything you need to know about exercising and eating for six pack abs.What makes this program so worthwhile is the fact that it is different from your average ab workout program. You have probably heard all of the advice and tips from other ‘ab guys’ but have not experienced the results you want. Mike offers advice, tips, and techniques that you have probably never heard before. This unique program will give you the insight you need to stop looking for the ‘how’ and to start achieving the results you want.Six Pack Shortcuts ProgramOnce you sign up for Six Pack Shortcuts, you get instant access. There is no waiting for anything, you can literally take your first step to the abs you want today.The program is in video format, which makes sense since Mike is so popular on YouTube. He knows the value of a good video. It is like having Mike right there with you because you can physically watch and listen to him as he shows you the proper techniques.Inside the program, you will find a number of things, including:

  • An incredible 27 different workouts that last between 20-30 minutes each. These workouts target your abs and get the rest of your body into the same shape as well. In short, they are intense workouts that will get you the results you are looking for.
  • 31 cardio workouts that burn fat and tune up your body. 
  • Ab specific exercises. These 17 exercises are designed to give you the specific results you want in your abs without hurting your neck or back in the process.
  • Videos that teach you why the workouts are effective. You will learn advanced muscle building and fat loss information in the videos that will help you dispel the myths and avoid making any mistakes on your journey to your six pack body.
  • Email support from Mike Chang himself. This is worth the price alone! You can ask specific questions and overcome hurdles with personal help from Mike!
  • Unlimited support via phone from Mike’s team of certified personal trainers. 

As you can see, this is not an ordinary program. You will utilize every bit of the 11+ hours of videos. Short of having Mike beside you in person, this video program is the ultimate way to learn how to get the body you want. And because the videos can be downloaded to any mobile device, you can take Mike with you to the gym, outside, or any other place you want to workout at.

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The Bonuses

Of course, Mike hasn’t stopped there. He has included two bonuses that will fast-track your results when supplemented with the rest of the program.First, you get the Zero Willpower eating system. This makes it easy to build an eating strategy along with your workout strategy. The right type of food is important to feed your growing muscle, and understanding what food you need to eat will help you get maximum results from your effort.Second, you get a free 30-day trial to the 24-Week Advanced Fitness Coaching Program by Mike. Each week you will receive a new video showing you how various pro fitness athletes and models exercise and eat to get the body they have. These valuable strategies will add on to your success after you go through Mike’s program.All of this is offered at an incredible price of $97. (Prices could increase after this review.) Think of it this way, a normal workout DVD costs around $20-$50. You are getting over 50 workouts, ab specific exercises, valuable workout information, support, and bonuses for one low price.

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Why You Should Join Six Pack Shortcuts

  • It is produced by a man who has helped thousands of guys receive the results that they want. The evidence is in his success on YouTube. Mike has nothing to hide, he is offering to teach you how to get the body you want, and he will not disappear into the crowd of ‘ab guys’ once you buy the product.
  • The program is a fast track method of getting the abs and body you want. You will see improvement quickly when using his program, and that will help you commit to the program and get the results you want.
  • It is not just about abs. Even though you will learn how to get six pack abs, you will also learn how to sculpt the rest of your body as well. In fact, anyone who tells you that you can get abs without working on the rest of your body is lying. Your body needs to be worked as a whole to get the abdominal results you want.
  • It is in video format! There are no text books; instead, you receive instruction from Mike in a real live presentation that allows you to develop your technique and fitness IQ in an interesting and interactive way.
  • The program goes beyond the workouts. You learn the theory behind the workouts, and you learn how to avoid making the mistakes that slow your progress and, sometimes, cause you to give up completely.
  • Lastly, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. This makes the program risk free to try, and it gives you the security that you need when making a purchase like this.

Ready to join?  You can get access here or check out his video here.Why You Should Not Join Six Pack Shortcuts While we know this program can help everyone get six pack abs and a sculpted body, we also know that everyone will not get the results they want because they choose not to follow the program.If you don’t want to put forth the effort and commitment that is required to change your body, and you are not willing to do what Mike says, then don’t buy this program. You won’t get the results you are looking for because changing your body is not easy. You need to follow the program, understand the reasons why it works, and commit to it if you are going to see results.What We Know For SureThis program works. The result of Mike’s knowledge is evident in his videos on YouTube, and the fact that his programs often sell out quickly speaks to the knowledge that this guy has.This is exciting stuff! You will learn secrets about getting the abs you want that you have probably never heard before (or you would have the abs you want.) This is the last resource you will need to get the body you want and maintain it. Plus you will get the body you want quickly.If you are not willing to put in the effort required, then you will not receive the promised results. But if you are willing to give it your all, commit to a stronger and healthier you, then with the help of Six Pack Shortcuts, you will get the results you want and feel amazing in the fastest time possible.If you are ready to go check it out or get access to the program then you can just go here.[hcshort id=”5″]