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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – The Truth About Rusty Moore’s Workout Program

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a training and workout program designed by Rusty Moore, a fitness expert who has years of experience in the industry. The program promises to help users achieve the state of ripped for that “Hollywood Look” which almost everyone dreams of.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is particularly designed for hardgainers and those who basically don’t have an idea about how to develop certain muscle groups for maximum results. I came across the product through a friend who was using it, so I decided to learn more of what it had to offer.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Homepage

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What Visual Impact Muscle Building is All About

Visual Impact is not your usual run of the mill muscle gaining workout program because it does not promote bulky muscle gain. Instead, users who would want to try the program out can expect to learn how to gain muscle the right way without being overly muscular or large after a few months. If lean muscle is what you would want to gain, this may be the program you are looking for.

The program is designed as such so as to retain a person’s agility and prevent the size of the muscles from impeding one’s movements and having a wide range of motion capabilities. If you’ve been following the bodybuilding industry for a while, you probably have noticed how most of the bulkier guys in the gym tend to move slower than those who have lean bodies and ripped muscles. This is because overly large muscles do not function as properly as those that are finely tuned and shaped.

What You Get with the Visual Impact Muscle Building

There are 4 components to the Visual Impact Muscle Building training package, all of which will help users gain lean muscle and lose fat at the same time. First and foremost is the manual where Moore provides tips and reveals several simple tools that one can use to gain significant volumes of lean muscle in various areas of the body where the muscles are commonly utilized.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Manual

Aside from the manual, there is also a section that provides exercise demonstrations to users. Here, Moore illustrates and demonstrates the proper stances and methods that need to be performed when following the Visual Impact Muscle Building program. There are also workout charts that will allow users to track their progress and follow certain routines on a regular basis, and last but not least is a supplement guide that provides suggestions as to the types of supplements to be used when trying to gain lean muscle.

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How Does Visual Impact Muscle Building Work?

Moore divides the training program into 3 phases with a couple of months provided to the user to finish each. During the 6-month period, users are encouraged to stick with the Visual Impact Muscle Building program and see it through if they want to really see results at the end of the training. Although most will probably think that 6-months is a long time to achieve a ripped body, the truth is that the time allotted for each phase is what actually makes it successful. Most training programs in the market guarantee results from programs that last 90 days or even 60-days, but this is not the case with Visual Impact Muscle Building. Because of the length of time provided, one can really focus on lean muscle development without feeling any pressure.

The first phase of the program aims to show users how to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible in certain areas of the body where it is very needed. This phase is attuned to the needs of hardgainers and those on the skinny side who find it hard to gain the needed muscles for that celebrity look.

Video Explaining The 3 Phases of Visual Impact

The second phase on the other hand allows users to define the muscles developed in phase one of the program and provide them with tips as to muscle strengthening and conditioning. According to Moore, the program aims to trigger myofibrillar hypertrophy within the muscles, meaning the muscle fibers actually grow and become stronger. As a result, muscles do not become bulky, but instead take on that sharp defined look.

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The last phase of the Visual Impact Muscle Building involves shredding and further muscle development. The routines defined in the program provide a means for users to burn body fat by using interval training and increase tone and density in the muscular level.

Who is Visual Impact Muscle Building For?

If you want a body that protrudes muscles everywhere you look, this may not be the best workout program for you to follow simply because you will not be able to achieve that kind of look by following the Visual Impact Muscle Building program. If you wish to define your muscles to give you those ripped arms and washboard abs without seeming like a giant on the other hand, this is the program you want to follow. In my opinion, athletes are the ones who can benefit most from Visual Impact Muscle Building because it offers the necessary training to gain muscle and retain agility and flexibility at the same time.

Pricing and Recommendation

At present, the Visual Impact Muscle Building training program is sold for $47, with all its components instantly downloadable. The purchase is covered by Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee, which makes it a fair deal, seeing one need only request for a refund within that time period if he or she feels that the program is not working. There is also a Visual Impact Muscle Building training program for females who want to achieve the same celebrity look without really gaining bulky muscles.

What You Get With The Program

In my opinion, Visual Impact Muscle Building is among the muscle building programs that are worth trying out especially if you have difficulty getting the physique you have always wanted even after years of training. With the information and the training provided by Moore in the package, I can recommend Visual Impact Muscle Building to anyone who is serious about burning fat and gaining lean muscle without the unwanted bulk that usually comes with following most muscle building routines.

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