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MMA Workout Routines You Can Add To Your Own Regime

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. It was developed mainly by athletes involved in Ultimate Fighting, who wanted to have better moves. Naturally in that line of sport, safety has to be the number one priority. This means that the training was designed in such a way that anyone should be able to do it, although most people will find it very hard for the first few days or weeks. Ultimate Fighting has always been popular and as people have seen the bodies of the fighters develop, they started to get interested in doing the same type of workouts. And so, the MMA we know today was born.

The Intermediate Boxing and MMA Workout

If you want to give MMA a go, you need to figure out which specific workout is best for you. Although you may be tempted to go for the hardest one, it is important to realize that this really is a tough workout. Hence, if you are completely new to it, an intermediate option may be more suitable. The intermediate boxing and MMA workout may just be exactly what you were looking for.

This workout is designed for anyone in Boxing/MMA and any combat sports. It’s a 6 day routine based on two compound weight days and four days intense cardio. This workout is for anyone on an intermediate level and beginners should do a 12 week beginners routine before attempting this one.

Don’t let the word “intermediate” fool you into thinking it is easy. This is a tough workout that will help you build muscle. You will workout six days a week and you will ache at the end of each and every day. It involves a day of weight training, two days of cardio and fighting practice, another day of weight training, followed by two more days of cardio and fighting practice.

Other Programs

There are now numerous athletes who have started to provide their own programs for people to follow. Generally, their training program is provided through a DVD and/or a book. Besides the training workout itself, you will usually also be provided with a nutritional plan to complement your workout. There are many such programs out there, and it is advisable to do a little bit of research into the various options before you decide which one to go for. At the same time, there are now a number of personal trainers who say it can be recommended to do more than one program at the same time, although you may struggle if you are doing MMA, because it is so intensive. One good option is provided by Georges St Pierre.

Get workouts from Georges St. Pierre and his trainer Jon Chaimberg as he prepares for his UFC 124 battle with Josh Koscheck.

One of the greatest things about this particular workout is that he has programs for every level: beginner, intermediate and advance. Furthermore, he focuses strongly on nutrition, both pre and post-workout and he includes a list of supplements that are recommended to keep your body fit and healthy. He also has fantastic hints and tips that you can access, such as the fact that you should use grips rather than workout straps. With workout straps, you actually have to put less effort in holding on, meaning you won’t get as strong. Using Olympic style lifts or chalk is a much better option. Furthermore, Georges St Pierre understands the importance of having the right form on each movement, which is why he provides a detailed explanation of each movement included in his workout. This really is one of the best programs out there.

If you are looking for a MMA style workout then we recommend GSP’s Rushfit workout, you can find our review here.