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The Wolf of The Bedroom

Last night I watched Wolf of Wall Street.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.  Awesome movie,
although it was kinda long.  3 hours!

Lots of hot girls, money…and other guy’s stuff.

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There were a ton of great lessons in it.

The main character Jordan Belfort was defintely
an alpha male and had confidence thru the roof.

I’m not recommending you be like him though…
he did insane amount of drugs and was an a%^ to women.

A couple of things he did right was he was always in
situations where people looked up to him, which automatically
made everyone attracted to him.

He was confident, dressed nice, hosted parties, communicated
well (with men & women) and much more.

Christian talks about this throughly in the Girlfriend Activation System.

  • He give tips on boosting your cofidence in any situation.
  • Hanging in “bro circles” & have real fun to attract women
  • Throwing parties where you are the host (thus putting you in the spotlight)

Plus a ton more.

Well in the movie, my favorite scenes were where Jordan gives
some motivating speeches to his sales team.

One speech he says figure out what you WANT and Take It!

You DESERVE the Best!

If you don’t take it, who will?  It’s not going to just come to you…

As Britney Spears would say…

You gotta work bi#@h

You do deserve the best.

Go take it.  Now.