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Weight Loss ‘Truths’ That Will Never Result In Permanent Weight Loss


Because weight loss is such a hot topic right now, there are a ton of made-up ‘truths’ floating around. The problem is these ‘truths’ are full of crap and they can do more to hurt your weight loss than help it. In addition, they
often keep you stressed and unhappy. It is time that we stop ruining our health, both physically and mentally, because of some lies that people started. It is time to finally expose the real truths and start losing some real weight. So, share what you learn in this article and let’s wipe out those lies.

Real Truth 1: You Can’t Lose Massive Weight From Aerobic Exercise

Everyone and their dog will tell you that running and doing other cardiovascular exercise is going to help you lose weight, but the truth is that you can run all you want, it will not help you lose long-term weight like resistance training will.

Resistance training is what helps you build up muscles and speed up your metabolism. That is what helps burn off calories and reduce fat from your body. Therefore, find a resistance training program that works for you and make it your number one priority for exercise.

Real Truth 2: Avoid The Low Fat Diet For Real Weight Loss

Nowadays you can buy everything in low fat, and most of us do when we are trying to lose weight. Why, then, are we all having such a hard time burning off the fat? If low fat foods were really going to help us lose weight, then we would all be a lot skinnier than we are now with very little effort. Not only is the truth very clear when you think about, but studies are confirming that low fat diets do not result in weight loss or prevent disease like we all have been told.

The truth is that you need to eat fat in order to lose weight and thrive. In fact, if you don’t feed your body some fat it will hold onto the fat that it already has as a life saving measure. It’s true! Your body needs fat in order to survive, and if you are not feeding it high fat foods, then your body will not release the fat it does have, and that’s the bottom line.

Real Truth 3: Fad Diets Are Your Enemy

Every fad diet that you encounter will tell you that you can lose weight if you just follow its directions. How can that be? Are we all exactly alike, like robots? Do we all burn the same amount of calories and fat eating the exact same things? Not likely! If we did, then we would all look exactly the same.

The truth is that fad diets are crap. The only way to lose weight is to eat a diet that serves your personal body and allows you to receive adequate nutrition without storing extra calories.

Weight Loss Can Be Easy When The Lies Are All Cleared Away

I want to introduce you to a system called Customized Fat loss. This system does not use any of the above lies, and men are finally losing weight without struggle and discomfort. In fact, one man lost 75 pounds in less than five months. With this program you will:

Customized Fat Loss Results

  • Turn on your metabolism to its highest level and quickly burn off fat
  • Ignite your fat-burning hormones and burn even more fat
  • Gain fat-burning muscle in just a few weeks and burn even more fat!
  • Get the body that makes you feel proud to take your shirt off

As I said, every man’s body is different, and Customized Fat Loss helps you to tap into your own unique body type and create a program to blast off your fat quickly.

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The program is not created by one of those people who are making up ‘truths’ and blasting them into the world as facts. This program was created by a nutritionist and personal trainer who knows exactly what it takes to get rid of unwanted fat no matter what your genetics or personal history looks like. He has created a program that provides you the key to weight loss specifically for you.

You will learn:

  • How to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight
  • How to get a flat stomach (by following a very simple rule)
  • Real weight loss secrets that the diet industry does not want you to know (if you did, then they would make no money!)
  • Why your diets have always failed to stick in the past and what you can do to really ensure you lose the weight and keep it off

The program is not all talk. Inside, you will find real men who have lost massive amounts of weight in only a few months. Think about it; you could be the man you want to be within a few months. You could have more confidence and less struggle than you have ever had before.

In the end, you can keep reaching for the next ‘truth’ and trying to lose weight from it, but I’m sure you are tired of running in the hamster wheel and would rather just lose the weight once and for all. Click Here Now to Check out the Customized Fat Loss Program and learn how to target fat, build muscle, and create the body that you have always wanted in just a few short months.