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Wealthy Skeptic Review – Can It Really Help You Make Money?

A Comprehensive Systematic Solution To Beat The Time Bomb That Is Our Country’s Future.  Come On, Surely There’s Not A System Out There That Can Provide You With The Means TO Truly Protect Your Assets In Today’s Fragile Economy…?

So, any self-aware trader knows that today’s volatile markets leads to a difficult (or nigh-on impossible) way to truly make a real and sustained income.  So when Bill Poulos says that he has just such a system with the WealthySkeptic that can help you do that in just minutes per week, then you’ll forgive us if we our ‘scam alert’ instantly goes into overdrive.

The Wealthy Skeptic

However, no-one can deny that Mr. Poulos has made himself a whole load of money over the past four decades or so, and that he’s also provided systems that have helped others to do the same.  So it’s only fair that we got down and dirty with the Wealthy Skeptic system before we provide our feedback.  After all, everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, don’t they? (Even if we’re pretty sure it’s a foregone conclusion).

Cue an in-depth review of his latest system to hit the trades.  Read on to discover exactly what we found out – it’s certainly an eye-opener. [wplapdance name=”WealthySkeptic”]

What do you get for your money with Wealthy Skeptic?

OK, so Wealthy Skeptic has produced what they’re calling the Profits Watch Portfolio.  It’s been years in the making and tracks thousands of investment opportunities on a daily basis.  This includes various different investmentwealthy skeptic videooptions, from stocks to bonds, and claims to uncover what it says are the best investing opportunities.

It does this with three major steps in mind:

  • Step 1:  Protect your real wealth – This briefing is entitled ‘The Simple Gold & Silver Guide.’  This is because with the economy in free-fall (as it is right now), you need the very best strategies to protect yourself from the meltdown that is guaranteed to come in the not too distant future.  And owning precious metals is the only way to do this.  You’ll learn why gold is critical for a healthy and thriving global currency market, and the best ways for your invest.  You’ll discover all about physically buying gold, gold futures and EFTS.  Here you’ll discover all the other implications about owning, storing and selling gold, and the critical tax implications that go along with it.
  • Step 2:  Protect yourself and the ones you love – No-one can deny that states nationwide and even countries around the world are ending up bankrupt.  And when this happens the government is completely unable to restore any semblance of order or prosperity.  Here you’ll learn, thanks to the ultimate assessment protection tool ‘Urban Survival Solutions: Surviving the Economic Collapse’ of how to cope with the threat this poses.  You’ll learn how to survive financially, especially when the good old fashioned dollar bill is no longer an option.
  • Step 3:  Protect EVERYTHING else you own – this is the ultimate asset protection tool, ‘Financial Self-Defense: How to protect everything you own.’  This little baby does exactly as the title suggests, and gives you the strategic plans that will build a fortress around your business, professional and personal assets.  This includes your home, other real estate and your nest egg…

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Who is Wealthy Skeptic for?

Well, we don’t want to seem like scaremongers, but the reality of economic collapse is very, very likely.  And those who don’t take steps to protect their assets now face the very real possibility of losing anything when financial Armageddon hits.  Don’t believe us?  Well you only need look back through history (and very recent history at that) to see that it’s happened in many places around the globe.

And just because we think of the US as being one of the powerhouse economies of the world, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it could never happen here.  Because it could.  So the Wealthy Skeptic is aimed at anyone who wants to ensure their own financial security, whatever the future may hold – and woe betide those who fail to put their defenses in place….

Who is Bill Poulos?

Bill PoulosBill is, by his own admission, a ‘regular midwestern family man.’  He worked his way through college and gained a degree in industrial engineering, then worked his way to a high level executive position in the automobile industry.  But his real passion is trading the markets.  And he’s used his experience in engineering to create some of the most powerful and successful trading systems to amass an incredible personal fortune.

And these systems allowed him to walk away from the corporate world over a decade ago, relying on his trading income to allow him to live in the way that he’d most definitely become accustomed to.  He’s now combined his 40 years of market experience and trading systems to teach thousands of traders around the world to create their own substantial incomes.

The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Skeptic

The Pros

  • The Wealthy Skeptic provides information in a healthy, balanced way that takes all the insecurities of today’s fragile economy without using scaremongering techniques.
  • The various reports and information are well written, backed up with real and relevant research that explains exactly why you should be taking steps NOW to safeguard yours and your family’s future.
  • The products are dynamic, as so is our country’s ever changing economic status.
  • You get a plethora of information that shows exactly how you can find ways to not only make those necessary investments, but what to do to ensure that the profits you make stay yours and yours alone, no matter what else happens around you.
  • Mr. Poulos is so sure that you’ll be amazed by the information provided in the Wealthy Skeptic, that it comes with an incredible, 60 day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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The Cons

  • Well, the only thing the Wealthy Skeptic can’t do is prevent the inevitable from happening.  But, as a wise man once said, forewarned is forearmed.  And the information you’ll gain will certainly provide you with exactly what you need to arm yourself against any upcoming turmoil.

The Bottom Line

So, we fully expected to get to the end of our investigation and say that The Wealthy Skeptic isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  Well, we couldn’t have been more wrong, because this truly is one kick-ass piece of information that anyone who cares about their financial future should definitely not ignore.

Jam packed full of easy to digest information, it’ll certainly make you think about what might (or should we say, is highly likely) to happen to our economy in the future.  And by putting things into place now, rather than later, you greatly increase your likelihood of being able to weather the storm when the worst happens.  Thanks, Bill – from the bottom of our hearts.  You’ve certainly opened our eyes….

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