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Ultimate Male Review – Will The Testosterone Supplement Get Your Sex Drive Back

WebsiteUs men are known for the fact that we are able to father children until the day we die.  For most of us, our sex drive is something we are proud of, and we proclaim for as long as we can that the midlife crisis will never, EVER, hit us.  However, somewhere between the age of 40 and 55, we secretly have to admit that our libido is going right the way down the drain.  This amazing sex drive we used to have has fizzled out.  Not all of us become impotent, that is actually reasonably rare, but we simply don’t want it anymore.  This is a confusing time for us and one that we often feel resigned to.  However, I recently came across Ultimate Male, a product developed by the Patriot Health Institute, who focus specifically on various male enhancement products.  I was intrigued by what I discovered about this product, and about what we tend to call the “midlife crisis”.  Since Ultimate Male comes with a 100% money back guarantee, I felt I just had to give this one a try.

Who Is the Patriot Health Institute?

The Patriot Health Institute aims to give men nutritional supplements that are able to boost their natural functions, including their levels of testosterone.  Their products at present include Ultimate Male, Ultimate Metabolism and Ultimate Vitality.  All of these products are over the counter and completely natural, meaning they do not cause negative side effects.

The Patriot Health Institute understands that when we reach the age of 40, our sex drive and levels of energy start to drop, and that we often start to put weight on.  However, in researching this issue, they discovered that the testosterone levels of men in our society in particular is 21% lower than the levels the previous generation had.  According to the Patriot Health Institute, the reason for this is because the FDA is corrupt and in line with the government, to hide the fact that our food and water is filled with chemicals and additives, which are also found in our prescription drugs.  These chemicals are responsible for higher levels of estrogen in men (the female hormone), which consequently negatively impacts levels of testosterone.

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What Is Ultimate Male?

TestosteroneThere are a lot of different products on the market that boost levels of male testosterone.  However, many of these are chemical products that can actually be incredibly dangerous.  They may indeed restore your testosterone levels to what they should be, but it is likely you will also experience a range of very negative side effects.  These can be so severe that many men choose to just live with their lower sex drive and bigger bellies.

At the same time, there are various natural supplements available on the market as well.  However, these supplements are generally wholly ineffective.  The majority of these don’t have sufficient ingredients in, and those that do tend to not have high enough dosages.

The Ultimate Male supplement is different.  It contains no less than seven active ingredients, each of which have been scientifically proven to raise levels of testosterone naturally and safely.  What matters most, however, is that these ingredients have been included in levels that are just right to allow synergy to occur.

Ultimate Male has also been showcased on the Oprah Show, where Dr. Oz revealed just how many chemicals we are being exposed to on a day to day basis.  He explained that just by eating a piece of meat, we are exposed to over five different chemicals, including antibiotics (which comes from the food given to livestock) and various drugs.  Most worryingly of all, one of the drugs he found was Roxarsone, which is actually a type of arsenic.  All of these horrible chemicals are pumped into the food and bodies of the livestock that we eat, but they don’t get broken down.  This means that when we eat meat, we ingest all of this again.

Corrupt FDAYou may think that the solution is to go vegetarian, but you are actually exposed to just as many, if not more chemicals.  Take a trip down to a fruit or vegetable field once, and take note of the people that are spraying with pesticides.  These people have to wear full body suits and respirators.  This means that the stuff they spray on our food is dangerous to inhale, yet we are expected to eat it?  The pesticides that are sprayed on the so called “natural” stuff we eat is so poisonous that it has started to affect our ground water.  And yes, this means that drinking water is no longer healthy either!

A regular strawberry can contain as much as 59 pesticides on it.  Apples usually have around 42.  Not only that, it has recently been discovered that an alarming number of people who work as pesticide sprayers have become sterile!

Ultimate Male is completely different.  It is 100% natural and the herbs used to create in it come all the way from Malaysian jungles.  It is designed to increase your levels of testosterone, but at the same time will help you burn fat and build muscle.  The added bonus is the boosted libido, meaning you feel younger again.

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Ultimate Male Prices

  • One bottle costs $49.95
  • Three bottles cost $49.67 per bottle
  • Five bottles cost $29.80 per bottle

What I Liked about Ultimate Male

  • A completely natural product, meaning you don’t experience negative side effects.
  • It has four main benefits, being boosting testosterone, helping to burn fat, helping to build muscle and increasing libido.
  • It comes with a full money back guarantee.

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What I Didn’t Like about Ultimate Male

  • I was a bit disappointed in the whole “corrupt FDA” line. I think the truth about pesticides is bad enough.
  • I didn’t see an autoship option, so I have to buy in bulk.

The Verdict

All in all, I believe it is about time we stop having this defeatist attitude about being male.  There is no need for us to simply accept that we have less sex drive and start to get fatter.  With a product like Ultimate Male, we can get healthy and feel young again.  I completely recommend this product.

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