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Toning Up For Men – Be Big, But Not Too Big

As men, the good life – or the bad life for that matter – shows on our bodies very quickly. When we eat like kings because we have money, or when we drink our sorrows when we are down, it quickly becomes very visible. We develop bellies and love handles and generally look a whole less good. Yes, a lot of that is social conception as well, but we know from a medical point of view that having a sagging, overweight body is very bad for our health. However, not all of us want to spend countless hours in the gym, and not all of us want to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Luckily for us, however, there are some great ways to tone up without having to spend every waking moment in a gym.

The Parts of Men that Need Toning

Men and women are built differently. This means they have different problem areas that they tend to accumulate fat on. Furthermore, when following society’s idea of beauty, men and women try to define different parts of their body. For instance, it is more socially acceptable for a man to have visible muscles in his legs and arms than what it is for a woman (although some women don’t care about this, as is their emancipated right. But, if you 1016978_557036171000293_714846555_nfollow the norm, there are specific parts of your body that you are likely to focus on as a man.

Strong curvy shoulders, toned abdomen, thin legs and just the right size of butt are something which all men long for. […] This is possible when you have muscles and low amount of body fat that allows your muscles to be seen. You can fulfill both these requirements by performing some efficacious toning exercises for men.

So, the exercises you want to look for focus on you shoulder and chest, your arms, your stomach, your lower abdomen and your legs.

Chest and Shoulder Exercises

Having beautiful, sculpted pecs is a badge of honor for many men. Besides this, the vast majority of women find it hugely attractive. How often do you see the hero in a movie take his top off, holding the damsel in distress against his chest, with her hand resting on his pecks? Or even if the movie doesn’t call for shirtless men, they will at the very least show a man with a tight t-shirt on. So, starting on your chest and shoulders seems like a good idea.

Shorter muscles mean a tighter chest and that usually translates to weak back muscles. This can become a postural problem, having rounded shoulders and not being able to stand upright. It can also lead to shoulder injuries as the arms suffer a decreased range of motion.

One of the main reasons why we develop shorter muscles is because we sit behind a computer for so many hours a day. This constantly engages the muscles in our lower arms, but we don’t stretch or work out our chest of shoulder muscles. There are loads of exercises to start, such as one where you try to hold a pencil (or pretend to hold one) between your shoulder blades.

Toning Exercises for the Arms

When you exercise your chest and shoulders, you will usually also use at least some of your arm muscles. However, it can be agree that this is not enough to actually tone up or even be at all beneficial besides simply maintaining a certain standard. Best of all, most arm toning exercises can be done safely from home.

The arm toning exercises that work best are those which work to make your arms more attractive as a whole. The fact that you can do them around the house, around your own schedule, just makes them all that much more desirable.

Some of the exercises you could consider include the barbell curl, the triceps kick backs and the alternate dumbbell curl.

Toning Exercises for the Stomach and Abs

The men who have the most trouble with their abs and stomach are those who have reached middle age. As men, we generally don’t really seem to have a problem with pouches or pot bellies, until we reach the age of 40 and everything suddenly just seems to accumulate there for no apparent reason. The reason is likely to be your diet and lifestyle, which is why it is even more important to do the right thing and tone your stomach and abs.

Keep in mind that positive results are best achieved in conjunction with a healthy weight loss program. The more fat you can get out of the way, the more muscle will ripple to the surface. Be sure and always breathe in your nose and out your mouth. Instead of grunting, try to blow air out so as not to constrict blood flow and possibly cause injury.

Toning Exercises for the Legs

Last but not least, there are your legs. Men don’t often have issues with their legs. It’s quite normal to have shapely legs, mainly because we often do quite a range of physical things during the day, meaning our bodies have to be able to carry that. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to push your legs more than any other part your body in order to get truly toned.

To increase the size of muscle cells and give you more tight and dense muscle fibers, an exercise must be what exercise scientists refer to as a “hypertrophy” exercise. That simply means that the exercise stimulates new muscle cells to grow.

By doing these simple exercises, which you can do from the comfort of your own home, you can fully restore and repair every important part pf your body. You can look like a million dollars without having to actually leave the house and spend that million on something you don’t really enjoy or want to use. These are only a few home exercise that you are able to do at home, and do make sure you look for some more.