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Shroom TECH Sport Review – The Truth About Onnit Labs Supplement?

A Legal, Safe Supplement That Athletes Can Take On A Daily Basis That’ll Help Improve Your Energy, Recover Faster And Still Have No Worries That You Might Be Contravening Any Drug Rules…  Mmmm, This Needs Looking Into, Because It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Sport!  You live it, breathe it and dream it – not to mention want to be the best at it.  And at any level of competition you need to know that you’re at the peak of your fitness.  But supplements abound that promise to give you that extra va-va-voom to help you succeed, andShroom Tech Sport many of them either don’t work, or contain banned substances.

So when we came across Shroom TECH Sport – a supplement that claims to be unlike any other on the market, and provide cellular energy through the production of ATP rather than a stimulant based energy, we knew that we had to look into it.

Read on to discover exactly what we found out about Shroom TECH Sport Supplement, and whether it really can deliver on its outlandish promises…

What do you get for your money with Shroom TECH Sport?

Right then, so Shroom TECH Sport is a sports supplement created by Onnit Labs, based on ingredients with a history of use in high level competition that are proven to give both general health benefits and the helping the body with the production of ATP.  And it has its roots in the shocking emergence of how the Chinese women’s team in the 1993 Beijing Olympic Games were training, using the natural product, Cordyceps Sinensis.  Clinical studies have since shown that this improves both ATP production and oxygen utilization.  And this in turn fights fatigue – the enemy of the athlete.

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Shroom TECH Sport supplement has been based on the Cordyceps Sinensis rare mushroom, along with other powerful natural ingredients to help combat fatigue and therefore keep you stronger, faster and more effective – whatever your sport of choice. [wplapdance name=”ShroomTech”]

It contains the following:

  • Cordyceps Sinensis: a very rare mushroom that’s been scientifically proven to link to oxygen capacity and cellular energy.
  • Cordyceps Super: a potent extract of the mushroom that increases its potency.
  • Rhodiola: A natural adaptogen that synergizes with cordyceps (and is used by Russian Olympic team members during training).
  • Astragalus: the little known Chinese herb that helps to magnify the effects of cordyceps mushrooms.
  • Green Tea Extract: and we all know what  powerful antioxidant this is, as well as being a good, balanced source of caffeine.
  • Eleuthero: used over millions of years and is a wonderfully potent antioxidant
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: this helps restore glutathione in the body, as well as being an antioxidant.
  • Magnesium (Chelate): for muscle hydration and function
  • Chromium (Picolinate): to help balance and maintain your blood sugar levels (no more peaks and troughs…)
  • Vitamin B12: the vitamin that helps everyone, not just athletes, with fatigue issues.

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Who is Shroom TECH Sport for?

Well, you may think that Shroom TECH Sport has been designed specifically for athletes and sports people.  And you’d be right, because it certainly does exactly that.  But it’s also a great supplement for body builders, and anyone who has an active and physical life.  This is because the better your body fights fatigue, the more successful you’re going to be at what you do.

So if you want to get the very best from your body, and you use a large amount of physical energy on a daily basis, the Shroom TECH Sport could be just the supplement you’re looking for.

Who are Onnit Labs?

Shroom Tech Sport PillsOnnit Labs exist purely to help their customers get to peak performance.  Every single one of their products is rigorously tested, not to mention entirely natural and safe to take, to ensure that it does exactly what it says on the label.  Along with supplements, the company provide various fitness and well being products that help both athletes and others get the best out of each and every day.  Endorsed and featured in various well known publications, such as Bodybuilding.Com and Men’s Fitness, you can be sure that this is a company that’s going to be the ‘go to’ place very soon for its unique and natural sports products.

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The Pros and Cons of Shroom TECH Sport

The Pros

  • Shroom TECH Sport is only made with all natural products.  This means you can safely take it during training, and on the day of competition, with no worries whatsoever that you might be ingesting any substances that could be banned.
  • The main ingredient of the supplement, Cordyceps Sinensis, is of the very best quality available.  And the use of this has been proven to help both professional and part time athletes reach the peak of their ability.
  • It also contains Magnesium Chelate, which not only helps with ATP synthesization, but also help reduce muscle twitches or cramps.  The chelated form used in Shroom TECH Sport makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb.
  • Along with all the other positive attributes of the supplement, it also helps to stabilize the blood sugar.  This helps the sugar pass into the cells in a regular fashion, rather than in one fell swoop that can lead to those post sugar crashes that impede your sports ability.

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The Cons

  • Well, with so many sports supplements on the market, it can be difficult to make up your mind which is the best one to take – because some of the marketing guys used to tempt you to buy are so very, very talented.  But we particularly like the fact that Onnit Labs offer a full, unequivocal full refund on all of their products if you’re not completely satisfied.  That’s putting your money where your mouth is, in our humble opinion, and definitely outweighs many other – seemingly similar – products that you might find elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

Listen up!  Every athlete worth his (or her) salt knows that it’s necessary to take some kind of supplements to get your body working to the very best of its ability.  And, in our view, Shroom TECH Sport is perhaps one of the best we’ve seen come to market in a long time.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Give it a go for 30 days, and if you don’t agree then you can get every red cent of your money back, thanks to the guys at Onnit Labs’s no-quibble guarantee.  And that makes giving it a try a bit of a no-brainer, as far as we’re concerned.  After all, you never know unless you give it a go – and it could well be the best thing you ever did for your results…

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