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Self Confidence Is Important When Dating

Most of the time when a woman is asked about the qualities that she looks for during the initial phases of dating the answer is self confidence. For women a confident man is a turn on and if you are lacking it then you could significantly be hurting your chances of finding the girl that [...]

Questions You Should Know Before Meeting Women

There are plenty of self-help and guide books out there for meeting women that can walk you through a number of scenarios and tell you how to act or what to do, but in the end there are really just five simple categories you need to be knowledgeable in to be successful in meeting women. [...]

Greek God Program

Really?  Another Muscle Building Program That Will Give You ‘Results Like You’ve Never Seen Before’…?  Come On Guys, We’ve Heard It All Before… Well, if you’re anything like us, when you see a muscle building workout product that promises to give you the key to the perfect physique, then no doubt you’re first thoughts are [...]

Man's Guide To Dating Women

So you’re done with one-night stands, flings and casual encounters, and now you want to look for a long-term partner or at least a relationship with a little more depth? Or maybe you’ve just come out of a long-term relationship and need to get back in the game? Whatever your reasons, it’s highly likely you’re [...]

Move In With Your Girlfriend

Do you think you are ready for the big step of moving in with your girlfriend, but you would like to know what lies ahead and if you can handle it? Moving in with your girlfriend is undoubtedly one of the biggest steps you will face in your relationship. It is a big sign of [...]

You’ve decided to bring yourself into this century and start looking for love where you’re guaranteed to find it: on the Internet. A new survey has revealed what men should be saying in their online profiles, if they want to attract the attention of lady luck that is, and some of the feedback has been [...]