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Young Men’s Fashion Tips – 9 Tips To A Great Style

One of the main corner stones at Gentlemen’s University is having a great style.

This isn’t high school any more, so don’t keep dressing like it.  I’m not talking about wearing ties every day…come on, who does that?

I found this great video that has 9 young men’s fashion tips to help you improve your style.

Agree with these?

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Missed anything?  Check out the transcript here…

Hi. I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style and today I’m
going to be talking about nine style tips for young men. All right. If you
haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ve got a
lot of great videos out there on men’s style. In addition, if you want to
read the article, the links should be right below this video. So without
further ado, let me jump in. Okay.

What is the first style tip for the young man? One, he needs to pay
attention to his footwear. So many young men, we get away with wearing
running shoes all the time and occasionally we have to wear a suit and we
wear dress shoes. But between running shoes and dress shoes, we have no
idea. You need to learn more about good looking, casual footwear. Put the
running shoes to the side and unless you’re running put them over here and
sandals do not count.

Sandals should be over here when you go to the beach. Look for casual
leather shoes that look good. Go ahead and go for a rubber sole but you
want something that’s leather, that looks great with a pair of jeans and
it’s going to be immediately noticed. So go out there, you’re going to
spend probably at least $100 but update your casual footwear.

Okay. Number two, dress like a man, not like a boy. What’s the difference?
Okay. Boys wear t-shirts all the time. They don’t pay attention to how they
look. They just look sloppy. They don’t tuck in their shirts. They wear
running shoes with jeans. That’s how boys in college dress. Men understand
that people are making first impressions every time they meet and that they
need to present themselves professionally. Men throw on a sports jacket.
Men wear collared shirts. Men pay attention to how they look so start to
dress like a man.

Number three, ignore fashion. You can’t afford it. Okay. So what’s the
difference between fashion and style? I’ve talked about it in other videos.
But fashion is fleeting. It moves all over the place. You can’t catch it. I
mean, even these female style icons or divas, they can barely stay on top
of this stuff. So as men that really don’t pay that much attention to this,
and believe me, I don’t actually pay that much attention to fashion, style
is great because you can look at your grandfather and you can see what
worked for him.

In fact, look at some pictures of your grandfather and you’ll notice that
he could actually come to the year 2011, walk around in actually his suit
and everything and he wouldn’t actually look half bad. In fact, he would be
able to fit in. The clothing that I’m wearing, I could wear this 15 years
from now and I’m still going to fit in. I’m still going to look good. This
is style. Fashion? It doesn’t look good a year from now so those Crocs,
yeah, that was fashion.

Okay. Number four, take care of your clothing. Okay, so if no one has
explained this to you, clothing is made from different fiber types and you
have to treat it and you have to care for it differently. A suit jacket you
can never throw in a washing machine. That wool sweater, you cannot throw
it in the washing machine. You have to carefully wash wools.

Now cotton is a totally different story. You can be much rougher with
cottons but then there are garments which are a mixture and you’ve got to
be very careful. Learn to read the tag. Pay attention to the tag and unless
you have someone there with experience, be very careful about washing your
higher end garments. Your best bet is to try to keep everything you own
cotton up until your dress clothing.

All right. Number five, you need to own one suit. Charcoal gray is probably
going to be the safest fabric for you, a solid, charcoal gray suit. Keep
the style classic but you have to have a suit. And don’t think that you’re
going to get a suit when you need one because when you need one, you’re
going to have probably 24 hours and you don’t want to spend that time when
all your buddies are out having a great time at the bachelor party, you’re
out trying to track down a suit and sweating about it.

Or if it’s a big interview, you don’t want to be spending your time looking
for a suit when you can be preparing for the interview. Every man, whether
he be a mechanic, whether he be a janitor, whether he be a banker, he needs
to have one complete, great-looking suit that fits him properly.

Okay. Number six, shirts. Start off with whites and blues. Your first five
shirts, three whites, two blues. Not too dark of a blue because that makes
it a bit casual. So two light blues, three whites, make sure they fit you
properly, focus on the fit, make sure they fit you in the collar, they fit
you in the cuffs. Have them darted in the body to remove some of that
fabric. The great thing is that those shirts will be interchangeable with
that charcoal gray suit. You’re going to have five outfits so that’s what
you want. After you have those five basic shirts, then you can expand off
into other colors and try to experiment.

Number seven, you need a dark pair of fitted jeans. Now, these are not
distressed jeans. These are not jeans that are stonewashed. Dark colored,
they almost look like very dark indigo or black. And what you’re looking
for here is something that you can wear with one of the shirts, gives you a
bit more of a casual look so we’re starting to build an interchangeable

Number eight, expand beyond denim. So notice I said only have one pair of
dark. You can have two pairs of darks. You can have three pairs of darks.
But no matter how many pairs of dark jeans you have, you need to have
something else besides jeans when it comes to trousers or pants. So look to
incorporate khakis, wool flannel trousers are great. So wool flannel
trousers, they’re not the same as suit trousers, they’re something
different. Khakis of various styles, look to have something else besides

All right. Number nine: don’t always wear a t-shirt. Look to wear a shirt
with a collar. If you’re wearing t-shirts six to seven days out of the
week, we have a problem. Incorporate polo shirts. Take some dress shirts or
there are some work shirts or sport shirts, something with a collar, that’s
what you want. That’s how a man dresses. I mean, a collared shirt just
looks so much better, and pay attention to the fit.