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Why Men Should See The Dating Game Through Women’s Eyes

Why Men Should See The Dating Game Through Women's EyesBe perfectly honest with yourself when I ask you this question: have you ever asked yourself what a woman wants from the man she dates? If you are being honest your answer is probably going to be no. The truth is, men think they know what women want: but they don’t. If only you would stop thinking you know best, you would be much more likely to do well in the dating game. So what do women want?

Don’t Throw Your Money Around and Don’t Be a Cheapskate

I know what you’re thinking: this just proves that women are fickle and can’t make up their minds. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most women are perfectly clear about what they want. They want you to be generous, but remember what the Beatles told you all those years ago; money can’t buy you love. Spending to impress rarely works. Ask any woman with whom you are friends.

On the other hand, don’t go to the other extreme. Don’t take her to the cheapest restaurant; order the cheapest thing on the menu for both of you, and a bottle of the restaurant’s best tap water to wash it all down with. Kori Ellis tells Gloria’s story: It was not until the third date that Gloria and her new man,

Went someplace that cost money and then it was McDonald’s. I was horrified when we got to the counter. He stepped up, order the two cheeseburger meal, regular size with a Sprite. [The girl] asked what I would like and he said ‘Oh, we’ll be splitting this.

The fourth date never happened.

Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander

You like to look at other attractive women when you go out. I understand this, because I’m a man. You understand this because you’re a man. However, the woman you are on a date with doesn’t understand it because she’s a woman and she expects to be the center of your attention. This is such an obvious point. So why do you do it? If you don’t want your date to progress into something more this is a sure fire way to do it. If you don’t believe me, let’s see what a woman, Jennifer Cox has to say,

Put that wandering eye back in its socket and refocus your attention. Your woman, not someone else’s, should be the only girl in the room. The same goes for your date. You wouldn’t want her drooling over every Brad Pitt wannabe that struts by, so grant her the same consideration.

Don’t Overdo It With the Aftershave…

…but on the other hand make sure that you scrub up well. I had a friend who was convinced that women like men to smell of sweat. He seriously believed that his sweat odor held some irresistible animal attraction for women. When he had a date, he would play a hard game of squash and not bother showering before meeting up with his dating partner. You won’t be surprised to learn that his relationships didn’t get off the ground too often.

Women want you to smell pleasantly, but don’t overdo it. Mixing strong aftershave, with a different smelling strong deodorant and different smelling strong smelling soap is not a good idea. Don’t mix the odors and if you do use aftershave keep it to something subtle. Once you have decided that you and your date are taking things a little further you can begin to experiment with what you wear. She may have her favorites that she will suggest to you.

It really is common sense. If you want to know what women want from men on a date: ask a woman. Of course, there’s no pleasing some people, but if you follow the advice offered above you’ll go a long way to impressing your future life partner.