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The Lamplighter Society Review – Is It Really Good?

Can A Society Really Give You Access To An Entire Survival Guide Library That Will Enable You To Fend For Yourself When The Inevitable Happens…?

The Lamplighter SocietySo, there’s a growing group of folks in the US who are not only expecting ‘the end of the world,’ but are actively preparing for it.  And whilst to many out there this might sound overly dramatic, if you’re reading this review of The Lamplighter Society, then it shows that it’s something that you too know the importance of.

But what’s The Lamplighter Society really all about.  And is that fact that they’re asking you for money to join a warning that this is simply a scam?  This, and many other questions are exactly what we were wondering.  So we decided there was nothing else to it but to find out once and for all.

Below is exactly what we discovered.  And we have to say, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with The Lamplighter Society?

Okay, so the basic premise of The Lamplighter Society is to join a growing group of everyday people (8,000 plus at time of writing), and to have access to a substantial library of survival guides.  These include 20+ titles currently, and you’ll also have access to every single one that’s added to the library in the future.

Current titles include the following:

  • 170 Gallons A Day – Because water is the first essential that you’re going to need when the time comes.  The guide covers such issues as how to quickly purify any water to utilise after a disaster.  It educates you in various rookie mistakes that most people assume about water, and will show you how to easily provide yourself and your family with up to 170 gallons of clean water per day.
  • Growing Up – Everything you need to know about growing enough food to feed a family of 4 – in only a 4 square yard feet of space.  Even if you’ve never planted as much as a seed before in your life, this guide gives you easy to follow step by step instructions into how to literally create food from nothing…
  • How To Cook & Store Food Outside – Because, guess what…?  Electricity might well be a thing of the past.  And knowing how to cook and store food without this is something that will literally save your life.
  • How To Make & Use Primitive Weapons – Vital advice from an ex-army soldier  that tells you about 21 easily obtainable emergency weapons you can use to keep your family safe and sound.
  • How To Make Money After Crisis – And this means alternative means of currency post-crisis.  The guide also covers investment strategies and alternate investment vehicles for preservation of your wealth in times of crisis.

You also get a monthly publication that includes the latest information on emergency preparation, expert interviews and equipment reviews delivered to your door.  In addition to this you get 3-5 ‘how to’ guides in the form of videos, books, case studies and websites every single month…

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Who’s The Lamplighter Society for?

The Lamplighter Society ReviewWell, if you’ve got even an inkling that at some point in the very near future you and your family is going to need protecting against the inevitable, then The Lamplighter Society is for you.  Because after the event is going to be too late…  If you don’t know how to survive in a post-crisis world, then it’s simple.  You won’t.

So unless you’re an ex-special forces guy who’s already been taught and living these ‘rules’ then you need to wise up fast.  This is crucial information for anyone who relies on modern technologies such as electricity, gas, Internet, communication such as telephones, heating, lighting, grocery stores…  you know, all those things we take for granted.  Well, if they weren’t there, would you know what to do to survive?

Who are The Lamplighter Society?

That’s simple.  Because the Lamplighter Society is a group of average, every day folk (just like you) who want to be prepared when the inevitable crisis happens.  People who have families and want to protect them.  People who don’t want to hurt others whilst managing to survive, but still want to be able to look after their own and ensure that their family has the best possible chance of survival.  In other words, The Lamplighter Society is a group of people who will be key in ensuring that civilisation continues, even after the worst happens, and most unprepared people fail to survive…

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The Pros and Cons of The Lamplighter Society


  • The guides provided are simple to follow – you don’t need a degree in wilderness survival or a PhD to understand them.  Each and every one is designed for regular people to follow, learn and develop the necessary skills needed to survive in the event of a crisis.
  • Because the guides are provided in digital format, there’s no need to wait once you’ve signed up.  You can instantly download each of them to your computer – and refer to them as many times, and whenever, you want to.
  • You also receive a monthly report of the latest products, reviews, case studies and the like delivered to your doorstep.  This provides you with a hard copy of information and training every four weeks, ensuring that you stay in touch with the latest developments that might just be what you need to know when the time arrives.
  • Even if the crisis doesn’t occur for a few years (or decades – we can always hope), the skills that you’ll learn from these in-depth guides can also be put to use in life as we know it right now.  After all, no knowledge is ever wasted.  And the longer you have to learn these survival skills, the more adept you’ll be when the time comes to use them.

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  • Well, the biggest con will be your own trust in the fact that life as we know it will always be that way.  You only need look at where wars, pestilance or worse have broken out in other countries, and how massive the scale of destruction is to realise that yes, it really could happen to us in the US as well.

The Bottom Line

D’you know what?  We honestly thought that The Lamplighter Society was going to be a load of old BS!  But, as it happens, we really couldn’t have been more wrong.  And that’s because this is not simply some scaremongering that’s designed to get you dipping your hand into your wallet.  On the contrary, this is the provision of some incredibly in-depth and hard to come by survival information that honestly could change the outcome for you and your family when the time comes.

We have to say that we’re not often impressed by a product, but The Lamplighter Society certainly has opened our eyes.  So if you’re looking for a way to become truly equipped when you need your wits about you to survive, you could do far worse than take on board the information The Lamplighter Society provides.  Not wanting to sound too dramatic, but the life of you and your family really could depend on it.  And that’s a sobering thought…

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