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The Insanity Workout With Shaun T – A Review Worth Reading

There are so many workouts out there, with so many promises, that it can be hard to choose which one you want to do. But when you hear things about a workout like ‘burn up to 1000 calories in an hour’ and ‘get an amazing body in just two months’ it makes it much easier to make a decision, especially since the claim is that you can do this workout anywhere without equipment. The Insanity Workout, by Shaun T, makes those promises, so we decided to take a look a closer look.

Shaun T – Real or Fake Fitness Guru?

There are some workouts created by men and women that you have never heard of before, but if you have been active in the workout community then you should have heard of Shaun T. He has developed other workouts Shaun T of Insanityincluding Hip Hop Abs.He is a personal trainer who works with Beachbody (the name behind many fitness programs). And he has a long track record of fitness through sports and even dancing. He also has a BS in Sports Science.===> Click Here To Get Insanity

What Does The Program Include?

This program is an intense workout. It involves interval training, but uses maximum intensity exercises to do so. This means that you are not leisurely doing some exercises while busting your butt on others; instead, you are working at maximum effort throughout the entire workout. The rest periods are short, but they allow you enough time to catch your breath before continuing on to the next exercise.There are a total of 10 DVDs that range from 30 minutes to 86 minutes. One DVD is devoted to assessing your current ability, but the rest are devoted to giving you the body that you want. The workouts include core, cardio, plyo, and balance.BonusesYou will also receive four bonuses meant to compliment the workout and give you the results you want.

  1. The Nutrition Plan – In order to get the body you want you have to fuel it properly. This nutrition plan will help you get the fuel you need to make it through the workouts as well as lose fat and build muscle.
  2. The Fitness Guide – Learn what you need to learn about your workouts and then get on with the program. This guide is meant to give you the information you need without fluff or filler.
  3. The Insanity Workout Calendar – There is nothing better than watching your progress and the bonus calendar will help you do just that, as well as set fitness goals.
  4. Free Online Support Tools – Having support can make or break your workout. You will be able to talk to others who are using the program, as well as fitness experts, and discuss results and stay motivated.

Insanity Workout Program

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Who Is Insanity Made For?

In short, it is made for the person who is ready to put in the work and get the ideal body of their dreams. While many people will say that you need at least some level of fitness to do this program, that doesn’t mean that you are out of the running if you have not been working out regularly. If you can get up and do physical things like walking, short distance running, or even heavy housework, then chance are you will be able to adapt to this program with a little bit of effort and persistence.

  • This program is made for both men and women who want fast results and are ready to do what it takes.
  • It is made for people who are tired of spending hours at the gym and getting crappy or mediocre results.
  • It is made for anyone who is willing to push play on the DVD everyday and give it their all.

Insanity Challege

The Pros of The Insanity Workout

  • You don’t have to own any equipment or a gym membership. This workout requires one DVD player and one motivated person.
  • You can do this workout anywhere that there is a DVD player, which means you can do it pretty much everywhere.
  • It takes an effective and proven form of training (interval training) and makes it even more effective by adding maximum intensity between rests.
  • Anyone can do this program if they have the motivation to do it.
  • It only takes two months (60 days) to transform your body.
  • Once you complete the program, you will be able to help others get the body they desire. Not just with your friends or family, but you can also sign up to become a coach with the Beachbody company and help others achieve their dream bodies as well.
  • The program focuses on nutrition as well as exercise. Any good program should do this because one will not get you the results you desire without the other.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Considering that your dream body is only 60 days away, this money back guarantee really allows you to see the results before making any decisions.

Insanity Challege

The Cons of The Insanity Workout

  • You will not get the results if you simply watch the DVD. And because The Insanity Workout is intense, you are going to have to push yourself to get the results you want. However, with the help of the online support, the visual aid of the calendar, and personal motivation and desire, anyone can push themselves through the pain and get to the results.
  • If you have any previous injuries, then The Insanity Workout could be too intense. It is important to partake in the initial assessment DVD before you jump right into the program.

Our Verdict

After reading as many reviews as we could about The Insanity Workout, and learning the principle behind it (maximum effort interval training), we can’t help but recommend this workout to anyone who is ready to get in incredible shape. Not only can you do this program from the comfort of our home without any equipment, but you also get a 60-day money back guarantee that leaves all the risk at the door.In the end, we think that The Insanity Workout and Shaun T are a great combination to help whoever desires a better body to get one.

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