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Here’s What You Should – And Shouldn’t – Wear


Women always seem to take forever to get ready. They have to try on every outfit that they have several times, only to then decide that they need to go out and buy something, after which they often return to the very first outfit they tried on and settle for that. Men, on the other hand, grab their closest pair of jeans and a shirt appropriate for the weather outside, and they are done. It now seems, however, that both these options are wrong. Women take far too long to get ready and are really indecisive. Men, however, don’t think about their appearance sufficiently. If you would want to change this behavior, however, you will need to know exactly what sort of things do an do not suit you. Let’s take a look at some essential style tips that every man should be able to use.

Fashionable Items with Cooky Designs

Some of us like the fashionable items that have funky prints and cooky designs. Wearing these types of clothes can make you look really fashionable and in with the “it crowd”. However, because their design is so funky and out there, pair it up with the wrong accessories and you will look like an absolute dork. So how do you wear print trousers, for instance?

Another ‘rule’ that is often brought up in relation to wearing prints concerns the use of neutral staples to balance your statement piece(s). Of course, print on print isn’t something necessarily to avoid, but as a concept it is tricky to do well. That said, if you’ve got the confidence to try it and a good pattern-mixing base to build off, then be my guest – done correctly, you will turn heads for all the right reasons.

It’s All about the Shoes

Some would say that the shoes are what makes the man. Women always look down to see what sort of shoes a man wears. They feel it tells them quite a lot about the personality of the person they are dealing with. For example, Doctor Marten’s immediately point to someone who is on the left politically. Shoes allow you to make a real statement so make sure they speak for you properly.

You only need five pairs of shoes to take you from workday to weekend.

As easy as this sounds, however, you still have to be able to choose those five pairs of shoes. Think, firstly, of what you are wearing the shoes for. Roughly, you need a pair of shoes for work (or school), a pair of shoes for social activities, a pair for sports, a pair of walking shoes and a pair for posh dos. Once you know your five categories, you need to think about the type of shoes. There is the wing top, the Oxford, the boot, the monk strap and the loafer. Make sure you look into these styles and talk to an expert about which ones do and don’t suit you and when you should wear them.


You have to think about your underwear. Always assume that there is a chance that you may end up in bed with someone. Unless you absolutely don’t want that to happen, in which case you should wear old man-styled pants that are totally washed out. Choosing the right underwear can be very difficult, but it is something that you should think about in terms of both comfort and style.

If you like to wear briefs, don’t wear the wrong kind. BVDs, Froot of Loom and the like are fine if you under the age of 16. So make a more informed and tasteful choice.

However, you may not be a briefs kind of guy. Perhaps you prefer boxer shorts or even g-strings. There are no right and wrong answers so long as you feel comfortable, but it does have to look good and feel good. A bit of moving space down there is generally appreciated, which is why g-strings may not be the best idea for a man. Last but not least, make sure you think about the fabric of your underwear as well.

The Coat

Coats are very important as well. In fact, they probably say more about your overall style than anything else – at least in areas where you need to wear coats. A businessman, for instance, may wear a thick black coat that reaches his thighs. An anarchist is more likely to wear a black bomber jacket. Jackets can be used to make political statements and many other things. Hence, thinking about the right jacket is incredibly important.

April showers sure are living up to their name, but it’s now time to put your winter coat back in the wardrobe and get yourself one of these slick, on-trend jackets.

Yes, the jacket you wear also depends on the season, so you have to think about that as well.

Simple Hints and Tips

Luckily, there are also a number of simple hints and tips that you can follow in order to look good. Some of these tips are so simple that you may wonder why they are even necessary to be mentioned. Unfortunately, however, many men make the mistake of overlooking these simple issues so it is better to mention them, just in case.

Please make sure your clothes fit. As ladies, we love to see our men in clothes that fit. When pants are too small or too big or your shirts are ill-fitting, it really makes a negative statement.

Some other tips include to keep it simple if at all possible. Yes, you can wear those print trousers as mentioned above, but make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and that you have the confidence to pull that off. If at all possible, take a woman shopping with you for tips. Also, don’t be too hung up on brands, what matters more is that it fits properly. Last but not least, make sure you try something new every once in a while. If you’ve never worn a hat, put one on and see how it looks.
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