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Getting Through The First Date And Into The Second

Getting Through The First Date And Into The SecondIn this day and age of social living, is it any easier to date? Not for all of us. For those who are shy or twice bitten, first dates can be extremely anxious events, especially if you are trying really hard to make a good first impression. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of experience in that arena. Here are our top tips to help you sail through that first date, no matter how many times you have done it before.

The Importance Of Being You

But the secret, the experts say, is not to try too hard. Instead, you’ve got to focus on being as authentically “you” as you can. If the person on the other side doesn’t like it and the relationship doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be. If, on the other hand, it does strike a chord with the person you’re dating, it will work out. Rather she sees and knows the real you right from the beginning.

Resurrecting The Romantic You

If you have been out of the dating game for a while, or just want to make sure you don’t make a complete fool of yourself, remembering your manners is a good start. But not if you’re not that kind of guy most of the time. If you’ve got fantasies of finding someone to live happily ever after with, chivalry will get you everywhere.

Yes, you can open the door, and let her order her food first. all these things are important. But it has to be sincere. As Men’s Fitness points out:

But more importantly, pay attention to her experience-this is what chivalry is all about these days. Before you order another round of drinks, make sure she wants the same thing that she’s sipping now. If she isn’t drinking her wine, she might not like it, so ask her.

In simpler terms: it’s about consideration. It shows you care about her, and she’ll like it. GQ says the considerate man could do this:

Very small protective gestures go a long way and show her you’re a gentleman: Offer your arm as she’s stepping from a curb, direct her away from shards of broken glass aka Say Anything. She’ll notice if you wait until she’s safely in her car or house before you leave.

Know Where You’re Going, How To Get There And How To Find Your Way Around

Whether she chooses the venue for the first date or you do, make sure you find out about it beforehand. Modern women want to be impressed by what you know, how easily you handle situations and how you maintain yourself. Confidence is a major turn on, so use it to your advantage.

Do Your Homework – But Don’t Forget Spontaneity

So Suave says that women love spontaneity, and that over-planning your first date is a recipe for disaster:

Here’s the very best dating advice I can ever give anyone: in order to make any date memorable and fun, spend 90% of your activities in the present moment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “talking trap” on a date — where the two of you sit around and get lost in deeper and deeper conversation.

Remember that the first date shouldn’t get too heavy. If you’re going to start discussing controversial issues right at the beginning you increase your risk of having things to argue about. Keep the conversation light and lower your expectations. That will make it a lot easier to get through and a lot less stressful for both of you.

Compliment Her Outfit

If you do want to get the evening off to the right start and show you are paying attention, pay her a compliment, but make sure it’s sincere.