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First Dates That Take You Outside The Box

First DateWhen it comes to wooing women, it can be difficult to impress on the first date, especially in these modern times when girls expect so much and rely so heavily on the concept of perfection. While it’s true that your date can say a lot about you and even go so far as to determine whether or not you’re compatible for long term commitment, there’s no reason why you can’t relax and enjoy yourself rather than taking it all so seriously. Most people seem to stick to the classic dinner and a movie, or coffee at a cafe kind of first date scenario, but if you want to impress you need to start thinking outside of the box.

Pack A Lunch

Okay, so this one isn’t too far outside of the box, but it’s still a little different than the average restaurant and theater combination. Try packing something in collaboration by you bringing something for the afternoon and her bringing something she likes as well. This isn’t to say that you should each have a separate lunch, just that maybe one of you can bring sparkling water and the other can bring the sandwiches. Seth Simonds of Life Hack reports:

There’s no need to spend a lot of money. Picnics are supposed to be simple and you want it to be about getting to know your date, not truffles wrapped in gold foil!

You can make this kind of setting super romantic by throwing in a flower or two to use as decor for the table or grassy area that you set down your picnic blanket or table cloth on.

Check Out Some Creatures

Not everybody has access to a big park, but most cities and even small towns at least have petting zoos and nature reserves to go visit. If you’re in a bigger city then you probably have access to an aquarium or zoo as well, which means that you can take your date to see animals, underwater creatures, and have plenty of unexpected fun that no other venue can offer. Andrew Moore of Ask Men writes:

Aquariums aren’t just for fourth-grade field trips; they’re also a great place for a first date. You can walk leisurely with your lady friend as the two of you survey all of the sea life. And underwater creatures are colorful, slimy, toothy, and weird enough to keep things interesting.

Of course, this isn’t exactly the best place to take your date if she’s allergic to nature or animals, so play it by ear and gather a few of her interests before you devise your master plan for the day.

Take A Class

A truly unique idea that will totally warm your new lady’s heart to you is taking a class together. This opens up a variety of different options for you to choose from, but one of the most popular tends is to be in a cooking class. Taking a cooking class together is a fun way to play that domestic role before you get to that stage in your relationship completely risk free. It will help you get to know who she is and what she likes, and she’ll get to find out the same.

Get Active

Okay, so most women tend to frown on getting sweaty in public on first dates, but if you’ve got an adventurous spirit on your hands and you’re looking for something that most other couples aren’t trying on their first romantic encounters then rock climbing is for you. Author Mary Pritchard is quoted by Alice Boyes of Psychology Today in saying:

Rock climbing—doing a physically vigorous activity will make you seem more attractive to your date (and vice versa).

It gives you time to become acquainted with each other, and can also help you build trust as you assist each other up the wall or hold the cord while the other climbs.