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How To Ensure That You Will Not Impress A Woman

Ensure That You Will Not Impress A WomanYou can find an endless stream of advice about what you need to do to ensure that you impress a woman. Also, you no doubt have quite a few friends who will offer you their own dating wisdom. And there is nothing wrong with all of that: except that they can make you so focused on what you need to do you can very easily forget the simple things that can make the whole dating experience go wrong. As the people at lovepanky.com say,

Whether it’s making hay in the rain or just wanting to know how to impress women, the biggest turn offs for women are all the same.

Let’s be clear what I’m trying to do here. The dating game is full of mystery: and I don’t want to change that. Men will never fully understand women: and I wouldn’t want to change that; it’s part of the fun – imagine going to a football match and always knowing in advance what the result will be. There are things that you can take steps to avoid doing that will stop you making a total idiot of yourself: and my aim is to ensure that you know what these things are – so that you can choose whether to avoid them…

…or not to avoid them. Because, you see, you can look at things from a slightly different angle. If you are getting yourself into a relationship that you want to escape from: here are a few simple ways to do it. As sure as your prospective mother-in-law will want to organize your wedding, these simple techniques will help sever the developing bonds of love.

Let Her Know How Insecure You Really Are

This is a sure fire, total turn off for a woman. It is not your job to be the insecure one: that’s her job. When she asks you if you think her nose is too big don’t just give her a reassuring “no”. Tell her about how imperfect your body is. Hold nothing back.

Let her know that you’ve always had this thing about your big ears, which is why you you’ve started to wear a hat all the time – yes even in the restaurant you are now in – and that you are thinking about cosmetic surgery to get them fixed. The only reason you’re only thinking about is because you can’t decide whether to get your ears done before you have Botox for you frown lines or liposuction on you fat backside. Oh and the reason that you will not be wearing shorts when you go on holiday is because of your ugly knees and bandy legs.

Let’s go a bit further with the insecurity. Here’s a bit of help from allwomenstalk.com in how to be the insecure boyfriend,

Insecurity can cause a lot of issues in a relationship…. An insecure guy can tend to be overly jealous, make ridiculous accusations, constantly bombard you with calls and texts, or become moody at a moment’s notice.

Let Her Know That This Relationship Is All About You

The cockier, pushier, more competitive and obnoxious you can present yourself the more chance you’ve got of stalling a relationship in its tracks. For most women, those aforementioned traits add up to one thing: you are going to hurt her. Amy Nicole Marietta explains it well as she exhorts men to act their age:

And refrain from acting like immature high school jocks who still brag about how “ripped” and “yoked” they are getting. Women do not want anything to do with a cocky guy. Why? Because cocky guys are the number one cheaters and we all know this. It’s a fact.

Amy Nicole also usefully reminds us of the link between cockiness and insecurity so it’s probably a good ploy simultaneously to lay it on think with the insecurity and the cockiness.

Let Her Know How Boring You Really Are

Dogs bark. Babies cry. Women like to talk. You may have had experience of this. This makes it very easy for you to let her know how really boring you are. By being boring, I don’t just mean talking about sports. I grant you that sports is often a turn off for women, but you’ve got to be sure that she is really a sports hater. It’s not inevitable. And there can be something quite appealing about a man who knows his sports.

No, by being boring I mean being boring to the extent that you are likely to render her – and many others close by – comatose once you get going. Consider mugging up on the history of the envelope; paper clips through the ages, or the vacuum flask as art and your chances of inducing a catatonic state in the woman you are with are quite high.

Another tack you might consider is suggested by David DeAngelo,

Don’t talk about your job and your family! BORING! Guys who are trying to convince women that they’re ‘nice’ talk about their families. (If you really want to be a loser, carry pictures around with you and show them off.)

Personally, I’m not convinced that this will work as well as a three hour address by you on the beauty of the thermos flask, but I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand.

Let Her Know What You Really Think About Her Friends

I’ve saved the best until last. If you can throw at her one or two well-chosen insults about her friends you stand a very good chance of her ending the relationship there and then in a pique of sisterly solidarity.

Find out who her best friend is – that’s her best friend at the moment as women tend to change best friends fairly often. Once armed with this information you can aim some particularly barbed comment at her – her best friend that is. Questioning her sexuality is a good one as indirectly this casts a doubt over your date’s sexuality as well.

If that is not your insult of choice, try suggesting that your date’s friend is being unfaithful to her current boyfriend or was unfaithful to a previous boyfriend. That, my friend, will always do the trick. You can place a bet on the life of a small furry animal that your date will feel bound by the unwritten – ever changing – sorority code to come to the defense of her friend and sister. Your job is done: you are a couple no more.