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Dress To Impress For That Perfect First Date

Dress To ImpressGoing on a first date is probably one of the most daunting experiences that a single person can have and it doesn’t help when you’re riffling through your closet, struggling to find something appropriate to wear. As you start getting ready for that first date, it helps to have a few key do’s and don’ts to guide you as you pick out the clothing that will most likely be used to create that all-important first impression and give you the best chance of getting a great reaction from your date the moment they lay their eyes on you.

Tone It Down

You want to make a great first impression on your date, but being memorable doesn’t mean you have to sport lumo hot pants and use a glow stick to stir your green tea. The experts tent to recommend that you dress up, but make sure that it’s a more toned down type of outfit. If you’re a guy, you’ll most likely want to wear a button down shirt (minus the tie) and a clean pair of pants. Girls shouldn’t show off too much skin, although this is an opportunity for them to show off their best assets; just make sure that it’s tasteful. As the experts at match.com advise;

…first impressions have a habit of sticking, and if you reveal too much flesh your date might get the wrong idea.

By covering up a bit more, you can rest assured that you’ll not only feel more comfortable, but you’ll also be leaving just a bit more to the imagination; something that might just come in handy later on.

Try Out an Ol’ Faithful

It might be tempting to run out to the store and purchase something entirely new to wear on your big date, but this could also present you with some unique problems. If you’ve never worn an outfit before, you can’t be sure that you’ll be comfortable in it, or that it is going to flatter your body type. By wearing something that you feel great in, which is most likely an outfit that you felt was received very well in the past by previous dates, you can rest assured that you’ll not only look great, but you’ll also feel great as a result.

Be Comfortable

If you’re constantly pulling up at your top, fiddling with your shoes or generally struggling to keep your outfit together, you’ll most likely spend more time worrying if your date is going to notice than you will enjoy the date and this doesn’t equal a lot of fun. While you’ll most likely want to dress up for the big date, you will also want to make sure that you are comfortable enough to do anything from strolling in the park to sit down for a cocktail at a local bar; this will ensure you are comfortable enough to really enjoy the date ahead.

Choose a Color That Brings Out Your Eyes

Most people are aware that certain colors suit them better than others; while you might not be aware of each and every color that will highlight your best features, you will most likely have an idea about a couple of hues that make you feel sexier than all of the others. When it comes to using colors to your advantage, you don’t necessarily need to be covered head to toe in something red, blue or yellow; a pattern on a collared shirt or even a scarf will do the trick.

Have Fun with It

Taking an outfit too seriously could automatically start making you question each and every detail, and this could rule out all of the outfits you have, even the great ones. According Janie Bryant, costume designer for Man Men, it is best to pick an outfit that is;

…sexy, flirty and fun.

The Finer Points

Of course applying ideas of “portraying respect”, “flirtatiousness” or “romance” to your actual outfit choices isn’t something that is very easy to accomplish, which is why practical tips are warranted in these instances.

In order to convey your respect for the date that could end up becoming that special someone, make sure that you dress smartly; this means that your clothing needs to be cleaned, pressed and picked out to match. When you don’t know someone well, you’ll use just about any information available to make a snap judgment about them; by dressing appropriately, you’ll start off on the right foot and this is important in the dating game. Keep in mind that even if you have an outdoor date in mind, this doesn’t mean you need to show up in trainer shorts and dingy jogging shoes.

Your Shoes Matter

It doesn’t really matter what type of outfit you have on or where you are going on your date, it is important that you pay attention to the shoes that you have on, since this is precisely what your date is going to do. Dirty shoes, no matter how formal they are, give a very bad impression to a potential romantic partner, so be sure to focus on them.

According to Antonio from the Art of Manliness,

Shoes say a lot about you and are one of those aforementioned clues to your personality that your date will check out.

Smell Great

It is imperative that you start the date smelling great; not good, great! You don’t want to drench yourself in Old Spice, however, since you’ll want to make sure that your date gets the faintest whiff of your perfume whenever you lean in just a bit closer to them; this will ensure that they move in closer to get a better smell.

Putting together the perfect outfit for a first date isn’t always easy, but if you think you have a shot of turning this date into something that might last a lifetime, or even if you’re just looking for great conversation for the evening, putting in a bit of extra effort can go a long way in ensuring you get the results you’re looking for.