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Do You Hate Rich People?

My girlfriend sent me this Facebook status from
one of her FB “friends” yesterday.



The last line was kinda funny…

but his attitude about the whole situation is pretty sad.

I hear guys complain all the time about their “situations”
but fail to do anything about it.

I know the guy in the status wants to make more money
and have nicer things…


if he had a different attitude… he’d probably be in a whole
different place.

Look at what the 1st comment was…
“That should be motivating.”

If I were in that situation, I be trying to friend them up,
ask them questions.

“How did you get where you are?  What do you do for
income?  How can I get where you are?”

Success leaves clues people.

The easiest way to get where you want to is to find a coach,
or mentor and follow in their footsteps.

Funny thing is… many of the most successful people
have coaches too.

Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, Bill Gates, Donald Trump

They all have coaches, mentors to guide them.

So many people have gone through the struggles and
all you have to do is follow their successes!

That is why I love so many of the information programs
out there right now.

If you want a girlfriend, follow Christian Hudson’s
Girlfriend Activation System.

If you want to get laid, check out David’s Desire System.

So when I decided I wanted to change my body
and get in tip top shape…

I decided to follow 2 pros:

Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte & Pro Bodybuilder
Ben Pakulski

The 2 dudes are jacked and have the stuff to help you get
there too.

To help you guys out, I suckered them into sharing with
you… their top 6 Muscle Building secrets to getting bigger
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Enjoy and talk soon,


P.S. Jim Rohn famously said that we are or become the average
of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

That goes for your bank account, your fitness, your attitude,
your mind, etc…

So please, be careful who you surround yourself with.

If our buddy in the FB status decided to hang with the “Wealthy”
people, I’m sure his bank account would approve.