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Dating Myths That You Need To Know About

Dating MythsAre you looking for a partner but the dating game has not proved to be in your favor? Then it might be that you are simply going about things the wrong way due to the dating myths that are out there. When it comes to dating women it can be difficult to know who to listen to because of all the dis-information that are going around. Take the time to read the 5 dating myths in this article so that you can be on your way to finding the woman of your dreams sooner rather than later.

Never Talk About Your Ex

You will hear a lot of different sources say that talking about your ex-relationships is not a good idea, simply because it is an off putting area to talk about such as religious issues or even strong political views. However, if you do not open up then it might be a barrier in terms of getting to know the other person.

If a girl asks you some vague things about your previous relationships, don’t get defensive, but at the same time don’t feel as if you have to share all the sensitive details. Just open up enough so that girl you are out with can get a better idea of how your dating life has been in the past. An expert from Fox News suggests that opening up a little is ok:

While exes don’t need to come up in every conversation, it’s OK to talk about past relationships as a way to get to know each other’s dating history.

Online Dating Is Enough

For a lot of people that are too intimidated to go to bars and clubs to meet people, they have chosen to pursue online dating in order to meet that special someone. After all, chatting online is a lot more stress-free than chatting with someone in real life for the first time. Online you can get to know a person a little, get comfortable with them, and then decide to meet up with them if there is anything worth pursuing. However, relying on online dating only is a bad idea because it will give you the feeling that you don’t have to try in person to strike up conversations with the opposite sex, and that is bad because you may lose your touch when it comes to real life conversations and even flirting. TwoOfUs.org suggests the importance of not restricting yourself to online dating:

Don’t let online dating keep you from pursuing dates through other channels. Get out there and meet people face-to-face.

The best approach is to combine your online efforts with your real life efforts. For example, to keep things even, for every new date that you generate online you should also get one in person. This way you get the best of both worlds as you have a balanced dating life.

The More Dates The Better

It might be logical to think that the more dates your get the higher are your chances of meeting the right person. However, this isn’t true at all and in fact it is a quick road to dating burnout. Going on as many dates as you can is only going to make you more pessimistic about your chances of finding the right person, because you will lack selectivity when going on dates and that will lead to a lot of rejection.

By selecting very carefully who you go out on a dates with from the very start you will have more energy on the dates that you really go out on. You will be much more enthusiastic about telling your life story to a few people, as opposed to the tenth person that month. Whether you are checking out someone online or in real life take the time to consider if you are a good match. Sure sometimes you might be craving for a little conversation and friendly banter, but don’t expect it to go anywhere if you have not selected the person carefully. Ask Men suggests the importance of selecting your date carefully:

It’s better to date a few people who seem right “on paper” than dozens of people who sound “nice” but will never turn out to be a good match for you. Dating isn’t a numbers game — you are looking for one lifelong partner, not 100 cups of coffee.

A Lot Of Experience Is Important

Just because you have been on a thousand dates doesn’t mean that you know it all. In fact, such experience might work against you because you are so used to dates that you simply get nothing more than just dates. So when you go out on your next one you will assume that it won’t lead to a happily ever after. So even if you have been on a lot of dates keep looking at yourself to see how you can improve overall in relation with dates, because an attitude of thinking you know it all will not allow you to grow as a person.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been on a lot of dates, or it has been a while since your last date then don’t be concerned that you will not be able to perform well. Just be your natural self and you will do well, because it isn’t just about impressing the other person, it’s about showing who you really are and anyone can do that without much dating experience.

Women Put a Lot of Importance On Muscles

Some people may have led you to believe that most women find big muscles one of the most important things when checking out the qualities of a man. However, that isn’t true. You might even say that for most women that is not even one of the 10 most important things that they look for in man. Therefore, do not think that you have to spend countless hours at the gym in order to attract a hot chick. Of course, you have to look after yourself because the last thing you want to look like is someone who has a tire around his waist.