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The Bushmaster Bible Review – The Real Truth Behind the Program

A Non-Urban Survival Guide For When The Worst Happens!  Come On, Guys – Do We Really Need Such A Thing In The 21st Century…?

The Bushmaster Bible Review We have to say, there certainly are some scaremongers out there, aren’t there? Predicting the end of the world, complete breakdown in society or the world running out of food…You name it, there’s someone out there saying it will happen.  So when we ame across The Bushmaster Bible, a guide that focuses on surviving when the s**t hits the fan, we have to admit to being the teensiest bit on the cynical side.

But then we stopped and took stock somewhat.  Because, actually, there are people around the globe today who’re fighting for their survival.  War, pestilance, freakish natural events including hurricanes, heatwaves, drought – you name it, only the prepared actually survive.

And this is what The Bushmaster Bible is all about.  How to survive in the event of a crisis.  But is it any different from any other survival guides out there?  Well, we decided that the only way to find out was to get down and dirty with the program.  And below is exactly what we discovered.

It certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with The Bushmaster Bible?

Right then.  So what The Bushmaster Bible is about is somewhat different from most other survival guides.  Because whilst  these all concentrate on how to survive deep in the heart of civilisation, this guide advocates getting away from the centre of where it’s all happening.  And, interestingly, this is far easier than you might think.

This is THE guide into how to survive should you and your family have to escape to the wilderness.  Because, this might well be the only place left as an option for you if you’re to have a chance to survive…

The guide is split into 7 modules that include the following:

  • Module 1 – The Bushmaster Mindset: Mental secrets of wilderness surivial – This is crucially important.  Because if you don’t immediately train yourself to think in the necessary manner, then you’re literally not going to be able to do the necessary that will give you and your family the best chance of survival.
  • Module 2 – Survival Packs: Gearing up for the great outdoors – Exactly as the title suggests – what to take and what to leave behind.
  • Module 3 – Shelter Master: How to stay protected in any environment – Warmth, shade, cool – whatever environment you’re in, it’s essential to know how to keep an ambient temperature for survival.
  • Module 4 – Hydrated, Healthy & Alive: What you need to know about water – Because without it, you die.  Simple as that…
  • Module 5 – Master Trapper Blueprint: Unlimited survival sustenance – How to feed you and your family in the wilderness.
  • Module 6 – Fire Whisperer: The ultimate guide to fire mastery – An essential skill for survival.  Warmth, light, cooks your food, wards of bugs…  There’s no end to why you must be able to light a fire in all conditions.
  • Module 7 – Lost Proofing: Secrets of a tracking expert – And the ultra-important guide about how not to get lost in the wilderness…

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Who’s The Bushmaster Bible for?

The Bushmaster Bible Listen guys (and girls).  There’s no way of knowing exactly when you’ll need to know this information.  But when the time comes, sure as eggs are eggs, if you don’t have the knowledge, your survival chances drop to virtually zero.  And even if the time doesn’t come in your lifetime that you need these skills, then you can bet that it will in your children’s lifetime.  And what better legacy could you leave them than the knowledge to know how to survive when everything around them turns to s***t…

Where does the information in the guide come from?

This is proven stuff…  Taken from experts in survival, including those in the armed forces, folks who live the ‘wilderness’ life, people who’ve retained skills that our forefathers took for granted…  You name it, the information in The Bushmaster Bible is real, proven, and potentially lifesaving.

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The Pros and Cons of The Bushmaster Bible


  • This is a totally different survival guide to most others out there.  This is all about surviving in the wilderness.  And, let’s face it, how many of us would be confident that we’d know what to do in the middle of the great outdoors for an extended period of time.
  • The Bushmaster Bible isn’t some scaremongering book that’s telling you to be ready for the end of the world.  What it is, is a book that gives you skills that can be used in the emergency situation.  After all, would you know what to do if you broke your leg out hiking and were unable to make it back to civilisation?  These kind of scenarios happen on a daily basis.  And in many cases, those who fail to survive could have done so if they only had some basic wilderness survival knowledge.
  • The guides are fun to read and follow.  This makes learning the information in them so much easier, because we learn best in this situation.
  • The course is provided in multi-media fashion: So you can learn from reading the transcripts, listening to the audio guides and watching the DVDs.  There’s also a great field guide that is jam-packed full of survival information.

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  • 60 Day Money Back GuaranteeHmmm…  Well the biggest mistake you could make is thinking that you’ll never need to know the information provided in The Bushmaster Bible.  But you only have to Google the subject to realise how common it is for folks to end up in a situation they never could foresee.  And if you never need to use it, well that’s great.  But if the the time does come, then you’re going to be so very glad that you had the foresight to ensure that you were prepared for the worst…

The Bottom Line

Well, we certainly admit that we’re surprised to have come to the conclusion we have done.  And that is that for a wilderness survival guide, this is possible the best and most complete that we’ve ever come across.  We particularly like the way that it’s provided in many different formats.  This makes it easy for anyone to take the information on board, whatever your preferred way of learning.

Should the day come when you need to rely on your knowledge of wilderness survival for you and your family, then you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you decided to shell out on The Bushmaster Bible.  It really could be the one product that’s the difference between life and death.  And that really is a sobering thought…

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