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Build Muscle And Burn Fat With The Adonis Index

The Adonis effect is that effect we all spot in a crowded room. Some guy walks in and all the women fall silent and turn towards him, instantly attracted. Men all over the world want to achieve this, but find it completely How_To_Gain_Muscle_Without_Fatimpossible. In comes the Adonis index, which is essentially a measurement to determine how high you score in terms of that Adonis effect, and then giving you a workout program to create the body you need to pump your index up. Basically, you can be the god Adonis yourself.

A very handsome young man. […] a handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone; “when Adonis died Zeus decreed that he should spend winters in the underworld with Persephone and spend summers with Aphrodite.

Essentially, an Adonis has women fighting over him and is desired by all. Let’s take a look at how you can become an Adonis too.What Is the Adonis Effect?The Adonis effect is the perfect male body that we should all want to achieve. It has been shown that men that have the Adonis effect do far better in life than others. They get better jobs, have more beautiful partners, earn more money and so on. And yes, as shallow as this may sound, it is all because of their beauty.

The Adonis effect is a sculpted body that has the dimension that has been seen for centuries as the perfect male body. Studies have found that haven this golden proportion has an powerful effect on people. The mathematical formula for this golden proportion is articulated as 1:1.618.

What Is the Adonis Index?

Essentially, the Adonis Index is all about the ratios. That 1:1.618 figure is recognized by many, as it was thoroughly explained in Dan Brown’s bestseller The DaVinci Code. However, the index also goes into further details to help people build that perfect body.

Having a good AI is exceptionally important to your overall look and aesthetics, but so is having an AI that is proportional to height. The ideal waist that we’ve calculated is around 0.447. When you begin to approach 0.400 with shoulders above AI the look starts to become feminine and ‘gaunt’. When you approach 0.500 with shoulders above your AI the look becomes ‘stunted’ and short. Being lean is important, being muscular is just as important, having the golden AI ratio is important, but so is making sure that ratio matches your height.

The Adonis Index Workout Plan

You should now be able to calculate exactly what the right measurements for your body should be, but how do you achieve those? How do you manage to target your different muscle groups exactly right? That is precisely where the Adonis index workouts come in.

The workout itself involved doing just 3-5 exercises in a precise order… and doing them just 3 days a week. […] The book said that under NO circumstances should you run, bike, or do any kind of cardio while on this routine. It explained how cardio triggered, “fast twitch” muscle fibers that made you LEAN… but not STRONG… and that the Adonis Code would get you lean and strong… just by lifting weights!

Following the program will really work on your muscles, making you not just look lean, but actually making you very strong as well. Women are impressed with this and your actual physical strength is certainly an element of the Adonis index as well.

Adonis Index Exercises

So what sort of things will you need to do during your Adonis index workout? The list of exercises is actually very long and most are recommended to purchase the book in order to get a better idea. What matters most is that you do all of the exercises, so you may want to run through the book while you are at the gym. That way, you will work out every part of your body, so that your rations are just as they should be by the end of it.

Lying on an Incline Bench holding two dumbbells palms facing away from you. Start with your arms in the fully extended position. Lower one dumbbell while keeping the other arm in the fully extended position then switch.

This is the alternate incline dumbbell press. Other exercises include the triple curl, the triple raise and the upright row. All of these exercises should be done. When you first start, it may take you a full week to complete them all, but after a while, you will notice that it is getting more and more easy and you should eventually be able to do a full training session in a single day.

Does the Adonis Index Work?

The big question is whether or not it actually works. We would all love to feel good, but is there really such a thing as the perfect idea of beauty? It seems that there is indeed. The ratio described in the Adonis Index and Dan Brown’s book is true and we know that the more symmetry people have in their face, the more beautiful they appear to be. So clearly, there is method to their madness. However, you must also figure out whether or not the workout actually works.Some people say that the Adonis index is nothing new, but these are the people that haven’t tried the actual program. Those who are doing the actual program, however, say it is an absolutely fantastic workout and that they really notice the difference to their bodies.

Everything is already set up for you in the program. All you have to do is just find your body measurements, do a calculation based on your measurements and do the right program based on your current A.I. (Adonis Index). The program walks you step-by-step on how to do this, even with a video that comes with the program. If you’re at a certain percentage (e.g… 52%) then you pick out the set of ‘BURN’ workouts that are design to lower your A.I. percentage down to 50%) Once you reach that, then you go to the ‘BURN & BUILD’ set of workouts to lower your A.I. percentage.

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