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Biotrust Protein Cookies Review – Good For You? What About Taste?

So this past February, I was invited to a Superbowl party by the creators of Biotrust Nutrition  Joel Marion and Josh Bezonni in FL at Joel’s house along with about 100 others guys in the health and fitness industry.

With the opportunity to party with a lot of fun and successful guys I jumped on it and flew out from Houston to Florida.Biotrust Protein Cookies

I had a morning flight so I didn’t really have enough time to cook, and I didn’t want airport food, cause it normally upsets my stomach, so I manned up and did a short fast for the flight over.

Well, to make a long story short, Josh was actually on my flight…

~He’s from Austin~

We were just chatting away about Biotrust…and then he heard my stomach freaking ggggrowl…loud!

“Man, are you hungry?  I got the perfect snack for you…Healthy, high protein cookies.”

In my head thinking… “Healthy cookies?  Yeah right…I’m sure they taste nasty, but anything will do.”

Duddddeee…was I wrong!

I mean Oatmeal Raisins are already my favorite cookie, but these were awesome. (not as good as from my Grandma’s oven…but very tasty)

Plus I got my protein fix…

Needless to say, he got me addicted and I knew they were going to be a huge hit!

  • Great tasting cookies
  • 12 grams of time-released protein per cookie
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • Gluten free and low in sugar annnnd 100% All-Natural with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

That’s a can’t lose formula!

Want to see the ingredients in the cookies?  Check them out here.

Biotrust Cookie Ingredients

Now if I could only drink milk again…that’s be the perfect milk and cookies combo 😛

For full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Biotrust, but I don’t get any discounts on any of their products, so I buy them just like you…
and let me tell you, these are my new go to snacks.

Hey, you got nothing to lose if you want to try them out.

They have a unheard of 1 year money back guarantee… you aren’t 100% satisfied, you have up to a year to get your dinero back.

If you’re looking for a great, healthy snack…I recommend you jump over and grab some from their site.

>> Click here to grab your’s now

Oh…some people have been asking about the nutrition facts….I took this pic from the box.