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How Beautiful Women Choose Their Mates

How Beautiful Women Choose Their MatesEven if you know what you’re looking for in a partner, the dating scene can be a tough place to be if you’re not sure what you’re up against, or what the women out there are looking for in return. Beautiful women tend to choose their mates based on a number of reasons, some of which you may never understand, but others are obvious, and if you know what women are seeking it makes it much easier for you to supply what they need and find yourself with the perfect mate.

The Masculinity Factor

Heterosexual women are attracted to men, and if you break this down to the very core of the concept it’s easy to see that this means these women are more likely to want to be sexually intimate with a masculine guy than a feminine one. Broad shoulders, a square jaw, and strong hands all make for an excellent portrait of masculinity. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something long term you might not need to give off such strong male pheromones. Abigail Leonard of Live Science reports:

Men with square jaws and well-defined brow ridges are seen as good short-term partners, while those with more feminine traits such as a rounder face and fuller lips are perceived as better long-term mates.

Obviously, you can’t alter some of these features without undergoing cosmetic surgery, but if you’re looking for a sexual relationship verses a romantic one then at least you know which features to try and accentuate or hide. You’re also able to alter less permanent characteristics like muscle definition or the way that your hair and clothing appears to others.

Confidence Is Key

Another rather obvious trait that women look for in a mate is confidence, and this is for more than just the reasons that you might think. Of course, a confident man is charming and makes it much easier to sweep a woman off of her feet, but it also comes down the biological programming that tells a woman she should be with somebody who can provide for her and her offspring and somebody who’s confident certainly sends the message that they can get that and any other job that might come his way, done. There’s also the hereditary factor, that a woman always wants her offspring to have the best possible chance at life. M. Farouk Radwan of 2knowmyself.com remarks:

Women want their children to be strong and confident that’s why a man who seems to have these traits appears much more desirable to them.

Fortunately, this is something that you can work on, even if you’re not over confident to begin with. There are plenty of exercises you can do to develop a more confident personality, things like forcing yourself to talk to new people, trying new things, and also working on things like posture, making eye contact, and smiling when you see people.

Material Girls

A rather negative factor that seems to draw women in for similar reasons to the characteristic above is wealth. This isn’t always for the reason that you’d think but many studies show that women do tend to be more attracted to men who have money and power than men who don’t. Again, wanting the best for her children is something that is biologically programmed into most women’s DNA, even if they don’t actually want any kids of their own, deep down that security is an overwhelming necessity. Some men find this disheartening and in some cases threatening or insulting, but the bottom line is that no human being wants to enter into a relationship where they can’t rely on their partner and feel like they can lead a comfortable life, so DNA or not, it makes sense. This doesn’t always mean that you need to be wealthy, but having a plan for your future, knowing a little bit about investing, and being able to budget and save money are all good skills to have.

Get Healthy

You know that physical appearance is something that you look for in a mate, so it makes sense that she’s looking for the same things, but she wants more than just a guy with all of his hair and a nice wardrobe. Women want men who are in good shape; this doesn’t mean that you need to have six pack abs, but keeping that beer gut in check will certainly get you ahead of the competition. The Health Site of india.com explains:

A new study found that a female’s mating decisions are largely based on traits that reflect fitness or those that help males perform well under the local ecological conditions.

Nobody wants to start a relationship with somebody who they think might be on the way out, so get yourself down to the local gym, or if you aren’t one for any intense levels of fitness, consider taking up walking more, eating a little less during snack time on poker night, or just tone up what you’ve already got with some minimal weight lifting. Not all women will care about this kind of fitness, so you can always play it by ear, but studies show that subconsciously it is something that they consider.

Promise of Success

Finally, along with the attraction of wealth and confidence comes the longing of a successful marriage, both in terms of a strong long term romantic relationship as well as your job prospects and success in your field. This comes down to being able to provide for her and her possible offspring, as well as the appearance that you’re strong and capable. Matthew Fitzgerald of Ask Men writes:

The socioeconomic status of males has a decisive influence on female sexual response at all levels of intimacy, even offsetting male unattractiveness.

This may be one reason why it’s so easy to spot a young beautiful woman on the arm of an older less attractive man so long as he’s making good money or has a secure career; whereas it’s rare that an attractive successful man is seen with an unattractive woman with no prospects.