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A Review of John Barban and Kyle Leon’s Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio HomepageThe Adonis Golden Ratio is a workout and nutrition program that promises to help users achieve an Adonis-like body by following the natural genetic pattern that is inherent in one’s DNA. Developed by John Barban and Kyle Leon, the program has been  [wplapdance name=”Adonis”] dubbed as the ‘Perfect Body Formula’ by Men’s Health Magazine.The Adonis Golden Ratio is the first of its kind in the market, claiming to use the secrets behind a man’s DNA in order to achieve a perfectly proportional and sculpted body in as little as 90 days. Exactly what does it have to offer and how can one benefit from it? Let’s find out in this review.

What Adonis Golden Ratio is All About

In a nutshell, the Adonis Golden Ratio factors in one’s DNA structure to come up with a training and nutrition program that is customized and fully individualized for the user. The program is based on the concept of society paying more attention to people who have aesthetically-pleasing body types than most – a concept that has been part of civilization for hundreds of years.A good example of this would be the Greek gods who have been described as having perfect and muscled bodies that any woman would want and any man would be envious of, thus the term ‘Adonis’ effect. By using one’s DNA as the basis of the workout and nutrition program, followers of the Adonis Golden Ratio principle can expect to have a customized plan that is specifically designed to help them burn fat and build muscle as fast as possible.Kyle Leon Explaining Adonis Golden RatioThe program lasts 12 weeks, with each week offering a different workout cycle based on the rate of transformation that a user is experiencing. One is also given the necessary tools to track and monitor changes during the 12-week period including workout software that is similar to what Kyle Leon provides in the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program. The difference is that aside from the usual information like body type, weight, and height, the Adonis Golden Ratio provides a more in-depth analysis of how one can achieve that Adonis-type body.

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What the Program Includes

The Adonis Golden Ratio workout and nutrition program consists of the 12-week training course and a number of additional guides that one can utilize in order to maximize gains. In the 12-week training manual, Barban discusses the details of how one can motivate the body to shed excess fat and build muscle of its own accord, providing the best physique that one dreams of. Aside from this, several sections of the 12-week manual also provides valuable information on the types of exercises to avoid, the types of exercises that should be given focus, and how one can go about maintaining his improved physique once results have been achieved.The program also includes a nutrition guide that one can use to come up with his very own nutrition plan based on the results of the analysis done by the software, advanced lessons in video format where Barban teaches users how to do the workouts correctly, and a supplement guide that discusses how one can achieve better results by taking the right supplements at the right times.

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How It Works

Once payment has been verified, users will be directed to a member’s area where all the components of the training program can be accessed. From here, one can use the software to determine the type of workout and nutrition program to follow as well as various goals that need to be achieved over the 12-week period. Users will be asked to provide several pieces of information to produce customized training and nutrition plans.Once finished, they can then start following the 12-week workout program. All changes in physique and weight are tracked and monitored through the software in order to generate a new workout plan once a user gets throughBefore and After Photos of Adonis Golden Ratio Users the week. It is important to take note that since the software provides data based on the information given by the user, any details put in the required fields should be factual in order to come up with the most suited workout and nutrition plans.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Adonis Golden Ratio

Being the first of its kind in the market, the Adonis Golden Ratio program will definitely be highly popular in the fitness industry. More than this however, Barban has successfully conceptualized and implemented the program on his own, so anyone who wants to try it can rest easy knowing that the developer himself tested it before releasing it to the public.Aside from this, the program can be followed by men regardless of body type, weight, and workout experience. This is more than what can be said for other workout programs, seeing that most of them target those who already have training experience and have already seen some gains.There’s not much of a disadvantage to Adonis Golden Ratio, only that the focus is more on workouts and training rather than workout and nutrition used in tandem. However, there is a nutrition guide that somewhat makes up for it, so between the 12-week course and the nutrition guide, one can really achieve results as promised.

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Pricing and Recommendation

The Adonis Golden Ratio workout and nutrition program can be purchased for $47 from the Adonis Golden Ratio website. Users will gain access to all the components of the program, as well as an optional trial offering for Adonis Immersion which is an interactive online community of Adonis Golden Ratio users. There is also a money-back guarantee that one can fall back on in case the program fails to deliver on its promise.With all the workout and nutrition programs in the market today, Adonis Golden Ratio stands out because of the innovative approach it offers to those who want to lose weight and sculpt their bodies into Adonis-like figures. If you’re the type of person who wants to see results in every workout program you participate in, Adonis Golden Ratio may just be what you’re looking for to succeed.

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