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Reviewing the 7 Day Back Pain Cure by Jesse Cannone

The 7 Day Back Pain Cure is a book that promises to deliver valuable information on how to permanently get rid of back pain without having to undergo surgery. Written by Jesse Cannone who is both a back pain rehab expert and a fitness trainer, the book teaches readers how they can end back pain the natural way.Different types of back pain therapy have become available over the years because of the increasing number of chronic back pain sufferers. There are some who only require minimal treatment, and there are those who would eventually think about surgery. How can the 7 Day Back Pain Cure address the underlying cause of back pain? More importantly, will readers really benefit from the information it provides? Let’s find out.7 Day Back Pain Cure HomepageWhat’s Inside the 7 Day Back Pain Cure?The 7 Day Back Pain Cure by Cannone comes as a hardcover book that consists of about 250 pages of information and tips. It is divided into various sections, including a short story on how Cannone came up with different natural back pain treatments and exercises. Being a back pain sufferer himself, it is great to know that the book was actually written by someone who has firsthand experience of how back pain can be debilitating to a person.The first part of the book focuses on some of the underlying reasons people suffer from back pain. In this section, Cannone also discusses a number of myths that relate to back pain and why a lot of people end up believing them because of false information given to them by touted experts. There are myths about back pain and obesity as well as why ‘throwing out your back’ does not necessarily cause aches and pains. Some of the myths uncovered in this section have been supported and recommended by a lot of so-called professionals, which is why Cannone has made it a point to dissect every detail and offer the true underlying causes instead of the more popular beliefs.The second section of the 7 Day Back Pain Cure offers discussions on some of the most effective natural solutions to chronic back pain instead of the usual recommendations for surgery. Among these, Cannone gives weight to the results of trigger point therapy and inversion therapy and why these two may just be the treatments needed by one to finally conquer chronic back pain. For those unfamiliar with either of these, the author provides a detailed explanation of their respective aspects and why each has become one of the top choices of back pain sufferers when it comes to pain therapy.Cannone Discussing His Book in a Video ClipThe 7 Day Back Pain Cure’s last section deals with encouraging readers to take action and how they can plan to eliminate the pain emanating from their backs. Cannone discusses several forms of exercises and activities that not only promise to help relieve back pain but eliminates the need for surgery as well. The author also provides motivation to those who are having difficulty going about their routines and getting the necessary help when it comes to back pain.All in all, readers will find tips and advice as well as action plans that can really be followed in order to get rid of the chronic pain and be able to lead a normal life once again. In the book, there are also several interesting topics discussed by the author, including various mistakes that most back pain sufferers don’t know about and make, different types of food that can help reduce the throbbing and numbing pain that is constantly felt in the back, and a number of innovative treatments that have been proven to be very effective and successful at ridding back pain.Advantages and Disadvantages of the 7 Day Back Pain CureThe book is very easy to read and comprehend, and this is one of the advantages that readers can gain from perusing it. Aside from this, Cannone was quite successful in laying out technical terms into simple language – language that will really help readers understand what the book is all about and not the medical jargon that people have come to expect in a lot of books pertaining to back pain treatment. More than these however, the book also provides sensible tips that many people have forgotten about in an effort to seek more advanced treatments for their conditions.One of the disadvantages to the 7 Day Back Pain Cure is that some of the information provided can actually be found on many websites over the internet. There are some topics that are deemed to be common knowledge among back pain sufferers, so there are those who may find the book lacking in information. Testimonials from People Who Read 7 Day Back Pain Cure Other than that however, the book is a gold mine of tips and advice – something that back pain sufferers can appreciate especially if they still haven’t found the right kind of treatment for their needs.Pricing and RecommendationThe 7 Day Back Pain Cure is actually given away free to those who are interested in knowing what it has in store for back pain sufferers. Since it is a hardcover, one will be asked to pay for shipping and handling costs which is between $6 and $10 depending on the location of the requester. To date, Cannone has given away about 155,000 copies of his book, and he plans to continue doing so until he reaches the 1 million mark. Interested readers who take advantage of the giveaway will also be entitled to 3 downloadable bonuses in the form of Mp3 audio files, including those that discuss the causes of sciatica and how one can start healing a herniated disc.

It is rare for a professional to charge nothing for a book that he or she has spent time and effort putting together, which is why the 7 Day Back Pain Cure by Cannone is simply a must-read. There is no obligation to purchase the book in exchange for the information being offered, so one can really benefit from it. If you’ve been suffering from back pain for the longest time, perhaps the 7 Day Back Pain Cure may just help you find the cure you’ve been looking for.Free Downloadable Bonuses