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5 Workouts You Can Do While Standing In Line

Workouts You Can Do While Standing In LineThere are many times in a man’s life when he has to stand in line, and while many spend their time awkwardly staring at the back of the next man’s head, others take this time to be more productive. If you find that you just don’t have time to make it to the gym, you might be happy to know that there are a range of workouts that you can do that won’t attract all that much attention, so you might not be wasting your time in line at all when you put them to good use.

Bicep Curls

If you want to start working on your “guns”, all you need is a heavy shopping bags and you can start working on your curls. You can do a couple of reps just waiting in line and before you know it, you’ll have muscles in your arms that you are proud to show just about anyone. Remember, you don’t have to limit these exercises to waiting in line; you can also offer to carry your partner’s shopping bags, and while she’s walking around the mall, you can get a quick workout in.

Toe Lifts

Your calf muscles deserve attention too, and if you find yourself with some time to spare, you can give them a good workout. According to Briana Rognlino, it’s fairly easy to do this;

Start by putting most of your weight onto one foot, lifting onto the ball of the foot, holding for 1-2 seconds, then lower. Alternate for about 10 to 12 reps.

Great calves don’t just appear; they take time and effort to shape, but by taking every opportunity to get them working, you will have more to show off than great biceps.

Side Lunges

Side lunges tend to attract a bit more attention, but if you are in a particularly busy line, such as on Black Friday, you might not look like the strangest person there, so go ahead and work out. In order to do this effectively, you will need to stand with your feet about two feet apart and point your toes slightly outward. You will then need to lower your body and move from side to side, ensuring your bent leg doesn’t move past the toes. Keep moving from side to side and you should start noticing a distinct burning sensation in your thighs; this means that it is working.

Kegel Exercises

If you assumed that kegel exercises are just for women, think again; men can benefit from them too. The best thing about these exercises is that they give you a lot of bladder control, and you can do them just about anywhere, whether you are at your desk or in line at the mall. In order to work the pelvic floor, you’ll want to pretend as if you are trying to hold in a pee; make sure that you tense up and relax. You can do about 200 every day for ideal results.

Vertical Abs

To get your abs working while you are in line, Jessica Smith says you should;

Stand on right leg, knee slightly bent, with left leg extended low behind hip. Extend right arm straight overhead, palm facing forward. Slightly extend spine and lift chest, raising left leg as high as you can, reaching right arm up.

This workout might not seem like much, but it really gets the job done and this is what makes it all the more appealing. If you don’t feel the results right away, give yourself a day or two and you’ll realize why they are so effective. Remember, you’ll need a bit more space to do these exercises; don’t get thrown out of the latest Apple product line just because you accidentally kicked the guy in front of you while toning your abs.

Working out in line can make this job a whole lot more fun, so try them out the next time you’re bored with nothing more to do than wait.