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30 Day Sharp Shooter Review – Will Jason Hanson’s Program Work for You?

When a former CIA officer claims that he can teach you how to become a deadly accurate shooter, two things go through your mind. Why is he giving out this information? And, why is this information such a big secret?

30 Day Sharp Shooter ReviewWe all know that being able to defend yourself when it counts is important, and we all know that nerves have a way of getting the best of us when the pressure is on, so it’s understandable that learning how to be accurate in the face of pressure is important, but again – why is it such a secret on how to be accurate?

I realized that I had to do a 30 Day Sharp Shooter review in order to find out, and I realized that I really, really wanted to find out. I mean, if there is a secret that can improve my technique and give me a good chance of protecting myself in any situation, I need to know that information.


What Do You Get For Your Money with 30 Day Sharp Shooter?

The 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide will help you improve your accuracy when shooting. It contains tips and techniques that Jason learned in his career; tips and techniques that are not widely known amongst the public.

First, you learn a trigger control secret. This is, according to Jason, the most important part of becoming a confident and accurate shooter, and it sets the foundation for the rest of the 30 days. He has included pictures to really give you insight into the technique. I love this because, personally, I am a visual learner, and hearing about a technique is much different than seeing a technique. I think this is an important aspect of the guide that makes it so worth the investment.

Inside your 30 days, you will get some training that you can do from your home, such as the ‘blank panel drill’, which doesn’t involve any ammunition, but still improves your accuracy. And every day during the month, you will get a drill to practice that will improve your shooting. During the week, the drills require no ammunition, and during the weekend, the drills are live-fire drills that will require you head out to the shooting range.

Bonus Inlcuded: The Covert Guide To Concealed Carry

This is a book that sells separately, and you will get it for free when you buy the 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide. In it, he reveals secrets about how to pick a concealed gun that is perfect for you, how to store the gun, more tips on improving accuracy, tips to find a perfect holster, and the laws that you need to know in the face of threat inside or outside of the home. This book explains things in a clear manner that everyone will be able to understand and benefit from.

Who Is 30 Day Sharp Shooter For?

Whether you are a beginner or have shot thousands of rounds, this course could benefit you. If you are a beginner, you will learn how to shoot with accuracy and confidence, plus get a ton of knowledge about gun safety, storage, and usage. And if you have been shooting for a while, but don’t feel completely confident in your shooting, then you will learn how to shoot with greater accuracy and greater confidence.

During my 30 Day Sharp Shooter review, I talked to a few professionals about what they thought about the book. They informed me that it was very well written and contained a ton of information that would help people become more accurate; however, they said that anyone who has been in the shooting game for decades probably wouldn’t learn anything new. Therefore, I have to say that if you have been soaking in every shooting secret and technique that you can find, you may have already acquired this information somewhere along the line.


Who Is The Guy Behind The Program?

jason hanson reviewJason Hanson is a former CIA agent. You can find some of his articles at Personal Defense World, a website that focuses on personal defense topics such as firearms, knives, tactics, and gear. He created the 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide based around his years of experience working, training, and teaching.

So why is he giving out this information? In short, he wanted to make his knowledge widely accessible because he thinks that everyone has the right to defend themselves with confidence, and he is no longer obligated to keep quiet about the training he had because he is no longer affiliated with the CIA anymore.

The Pros and Cons of 30 Day Sharp Shooter

The Pros

  • Get a defensive pistol course, from a professionally trained shooter, for a fraction of the price that you would have to pay in person.
  • Improve shot accuracy.
  • Get so much confidence with your shooting that you will be confident in a dangerous situation.
  • Know that even if something happens at 3am when you are groggy, you will be able to protect yourself and your family.
  • Good for beginners and people who want more confidence shooting.
  • Broken down into 30 days to allow you to focus on each drill and master it.
  • Fun and informative guide.
  • Instant access to the guide and the bonus material.
  • Learn everything about keeping a concealed gun with the bonus book.
  • money-back-guarantee_003

  • No questions asked money back guarantee.

The Cons

  • Anyone with a ton of experience may not learn anything new from this guide.

The Bottom Line

During my 30 Day Sharp Shooter review, I realized that ‘the big secret’ was advanced techniques that not many people know. Only people who have been learning every technique possible would already know all the information contained in this guide. That’s why I think it is such a great guide for anyone who owns a gun, but doesn’t have the confidence to use it accurately in any situation.

The bottom line is that when you are put in a life and death situation, you need to be accurate. If you own a gun, then it is important to gather every tip and technique that you can and become an expert; otherwise, you are putting your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger.

Anyone who wants to gain confidence with their gun and shooting will benefit from the 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide and the bonus book included. It does exactly what the title promises; it teaches you to be a sharp shooter in 30 days.