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Want a Girlfriend by New Years?‏

I have a guy who’s in one of my business

He’s never at any of the meetings cause the
dude is always traveling around the world living
in different countries living it up but

best of all he’s dating tons of chicks.

He’s an average looking dude (20lbs over weight)…


Here he is with 2 hotties. Not his girlfriends, but he’s
always with hot girls.

Anyways, I was chatting with him on Skype the
other day and he was telling me he put together
a killer program to help guys get the same results
as him…

in only 1 week!

I thought he was full of BS and I called him out
on it.

Turns out he has tons of testimonials from guys
who went through his system and had the same results…
some more than a week, some less.

You can use the info for hookups, but
much of it is designed for long term relationships.

I haven’t gone through the whole course yet,
but the text, talking and 3 Date playbook are killer.

If you wanna get a girlfriend by New Years,
you can check it out here:

>>> GF in a Week


P.S. The video is little bit long. He talks about one of his
ex’s in Japan. It’d suck to have to go through that!