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Sexual Decoder System Review – Is It Really Worth The Money?

Dating guides and other products are a dime a dozen and it’s often surprising when something with new ideas comes along. It’s even rarer when something with new ideas comes along and actually works. All of them are basically reworked concepts from past dating guides and products. This isn’t surprising since with as many products as have come out over the years, it’s hard to come up with anything new. This is why I found the Sexual Decoder System by Craig Miller to be quite refreshing. You see, while most other dating courses and guides tend to focus on the whole gain enough confidence, know what to say, and then escalating to a more romantic or Sexual Decoder System Logophysical level, it takes a much more different approach.

What interested me even further was that I knew that Craig had recently made an appearance on Anderson Cooper on CNN. We all know how the media likes to discredit dating coaches, but this particular feature backfired on Cooper when Craig came out proving he was the real deal. And the program is solid, which is why I took the time to buy the program and actually try it out for myself.

How the Sexual Decoder System Works

The idea is that women send out specific sexual signals if they are turned on or are looking for a guy and are interested in hooking up. A guy simply has to familiarize himself with these signals so he can tell whether a specific woman is interested or not. That way, they can eliminate women who aren’t even entertaining the thought of meeting men and target those who are. Once you learn what these signals mean, you’ll know exactly what to do and say to take those unconscious signals and escalate them into something more romantic or physical.

Let’s be clear though. These signals aren’t usually anything that a woman consciously sends out. In fact, women are very likely oblivious to them when they do them. That’s what makes the Sexual Decoder System so great though. These signals can almost always be interpreted for what they are when you see them. You just have to decode what they mean.

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What You Get With the System

The Sexual Decoder System is comprised of 9 HD video modules that make up the core system. These modules are taught by Craig Miller himself and will teach you the secrets that will allow you to approach women more effectively and communicate with them in a way that will allow you to escalate their unconscious interest into something more. You also get a few nice bonuses, which include Body Language Speed Reading, the Secret Language Pocket Decoder, and the Hot, Young and Horney Crash Course. Finally, there’s a 14 day free pass to the Sexual Decoder “Inner Circle” Training that gives you a new video every week and typically costs $49.95 a month.

What I Like About the Sexual Decoder System

To be honest, despite my interest in PUA products and modest success with them over the years, I wouldn’t call myself a player. I’m a simple guy with enough experience in dating that I’m able to hook up with women every now and then, but not all the time though.

What I like about the Sexual Decoder System is that rather than take a step by step approach and apply it to any woman you meet and hope that it gets you somewhere with them, the Sexual Decoder System helps you learn which women are actually interested in hooking up in the first place. Because let’s be honest, some women really are just aren’t interested. What the system does is allow you to filter them out and turn your attention to those who are. It saves you a lot of time and allows you to work smarter, not harder, as they say.

I also like that it doesn’t force you to suddenly drop your introverted tendencies and become Mr. Social. Because let’s face it, some guys just aren’t built that way. They can’t just walk up to some random girl and blurt out a line they’ve conditioned themselves to say from some program. Approaching only those who are already interested in hooking up in the first place saves a lot of time and doesn’t require you to put up a false face.

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What I Don’t Like About It

If there’s anything I can’t say I like about the Sexual Decoder System, it’s that you can’t just use it on anyone. That’s just not how it works. Sure, it helps you narrow down your choices whenever you go out looking to hook up with someone, but what if there’s someone specific you had in mind? Or what if you just have to go out with that hot girl in the corner who doesn’t look the least bit interested or likes to play hard to get a lot? Well, this system isn’t for you.

I also don’t like that access to the inner circle training isn’t already included as part of the entire system. Instead, it’s something you have to pay $49.95 separately per month. Sure, it gives you free access for a couple of weeks, but you would think this sort of thing would already come as part of the purchase itself.

So Should You Buy the Sexual Decoder System?

The Sexual Decoder System is a refreshing dating guide that takes a different approach compared to ones I’ve tried out before. Rather than take a single approach and use it on any woman you can, it teaches you to approach women much more efficiently by targeting those who are already interested in the first place. It’s so refreshing, it has me wondering why no one else has ever done this before and made a dating product about it?

At $69.95, the Sexual Decoder System is priced like many of the other dating systems out there, but this one feels more like a comparative steal against everything else. And it’s something that complete newbies can use too, unlike other systems that require you to transform yourself into an extrovert if you want to get anywhere. I wholeheartedly recommend the Sexual Decoder System to anyone who is looking to transform their game and become more successful at dating.

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