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My Review of Sensual Power Words by Nick Richards

When it comes to dating, communication skills and confidence are two of the most important things you need to have to be consistently successful with women. Some guys seem to have a lot of both, often looking like they belong on the cover of a fashion magazine.But then I’d see those guys you wouldn’t be able to pick out in a crowd at the local bar, yet despite their seemingly limited looks, they seem to have that ability to hook up with women that are many times out of their league by any measure.


So how is it that these normal-looking Joes can end up with some truly gorgeous women? There are a lot of PUA books that would like to tell you exactly how, but what makes famed pickup artist Nick Richards’ new book Sexual Power Words, aka, Sensual Power Words, so interesting is that even the average-looking Joe can harness what they learn so they know what to say to a woman and how to say it to instantly spark feelings or desire. Well, I’ve heard all that before, and while I initially wasn’t that convinced about the book, there was so much hype behind it that it was hard not to pick it up and at least give it a chance. Sensual Power Words

What are Sensual Power Words?

Sensual Power Words aims to provide a blueprint of exactly what you need to say in order to trigger interest from a woman and spark emotions such as desire or lust. What’s great is that even men who aren’t necessarily that attractive, lack confidence, or just haven’t had all that much luck can follow this blueprint. This is especially great for men who have been on a losing streak in dating and need something to rebuild that confidence in themselves and their approach.

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The Advantages of Using Sensual Power Words

Probably the best thing about Sensual Power Words is that there is no inner makeover that has to happen. Sure, Nick Richards does outline some guidelines on things like grooming and hygiene, however, these are basic things that you should already be doing anyway. If you already use common sense and shower and brush your teeth before going out on a date, you can start using the advice you learn from Sensual Power Words right out of the box.

However, if you aren’t in too much in a hurry, does delve into female psychology and how to understand it. The information seems a bit rehashed from some of the other great PUA books I’ve read, but it’s effective at creating a mindset to get you motivated to actually use these techniques. There is a lot of emphasis on being as non-scripted as possible, which is ironic, but you’ll just have to read the book to understand. [wplapdance name=”SensualPowerWords”]

Unlike a lot of other PUA techniques that I’ve read about before, Sensual Power Words isn’t intimidating to use. They aren’t complicated pickup lines that you can mess up delivering. They are simple words and phrases that you can slip into any conversation with a woman. Some can be used to pique interest in a woman you are trying to hook up with. Others can help gauge how far you’ve progressed into getting her where you want to be. And then there are those that act as the trigger, sparking emotions and desire.

When you think of how easy it is to slip these lines into a conversation, it’s almost rejection-proof. There’s no approach that has to happen. Just get them talking and know when to slip the Sensual Power Words in. This is undeniably the most powerful part of Nick Richards’ book.

What is Sensual Power Words

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What I Don’t Like About Sensual Power Words

If there’s anything that I can’t say I like about the book, it’s that it takes forever to get to the actual words. The PDF ebook is 206 pages long, and you’ll have to read all the way to page 152 before Richards starts discussing sexual conversation with a woman, and up to page 173 before you start reading anything about the actual Sensual Power Words.

Sure, the information included along with the actual Sensual Power Words is helpful. It’s an accumulation of some of the best PUA knowledge that’s already out there, plus some totally new stuff that is probably from Nick Richards himself (since I’ve never heard of it before).

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Is Sensual Power Words Worth the Money?

Sensual Power Words is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to attract women you are interested in. Once you get a woman talking, it’s easy to slip these words and phrases in to trigger feelings and desire, 60 Day Money Back Guaranteeeven if you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to dating. The best part is that it’s rejection-proof, since you don’t actively have to come off as hitting on a woman when you use these power words.

At $49.95, it might seem priced a little steep compared to a hard covered book, but you certainly have to consider what you’re getting for your money. This isn’t your ordinary PUA book that likes to drag on and on about changing your image and gaining confidence through a lot of trial and error. Sensual Power Words is effective right off the bat and you can even try it on some of the women in your life, particularly friends who you might have had some interest in for a while.

I had a blast using Sensual Power Words and putting to the test. Just for kicks, I tried them on a pretty waitress at one of the nicer restaurants me and my friends frequent on the weekends. I only tried a couple of them, and after a while, I noticed she would glance back at our table every now and then, even when she was serving another table. A little later, we chatted just as we were leaving and she slipped a piece of tissue with her number on it. I’m no pickup artist, so consider me impressed.


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