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Ryan Rivers Relationship Rewind Review – Is it Legit?

A Relationship Education Tool With A Difference: Because This One’s For The Guys…! But Does It Really Offer Any Valid Advice…?

Relationship RewindNow, if you’re anything like us you’ll be raising cynical eyebrow at an educational program for guys that can teach you how to win the heart of the one you love.  After all, we’re guys, right!  And the last thing we need is some jumped up ‘relationship pro’ telling us how to woo the girl of our dreams.   But that’s exactly what Relationship Rewind is – a self-help program that shows you how to rewind the passion back to the honeymoon stage, and keep it there forever.

But never let it be said that we don’t give products a fair crack of the whip to impress us.  So, doing our utmost to put our cynicism to one side, we decided to get up close an personal with Relationship Rewind, and see exactly what it’s all about.

And what we found certainly was interesting.  Read on to discover exactly what we found out…

What do you get for your money with Ryan Rivers Relationship Rewind?

Okay so what Relationship Rewind is, is an educational program that works on a four stage system that it’s creator – Ryan Rivers – says will see your relationship moving back to that exciting first flush of love that elated you when you first met. [wplapdance name=”RelationshipRewind”]

It works by teaching you about the following stages of all relationships:

  • Bliss:  This is when you first meet and fall in love.  That inimitable feeling is down to cells in the brain that are called ‘mirror neurons.’  These fire off when you feel happy and loved, and also when your partner feels the same.  So the whole aim of the Relationship Rewind program is to causes your partner to fall back in love with you, and this causes your love to come back with a vengeance as well…
  • Switch:  This is where you grow closer to your partner as time goes on, and is due to the ‘more exposure effect.’  In other words, the more time you spend with someone, the better you get to know them.  And because of this, when something changes – even a tiny little something – you feel it in your gut.
  • Drift:  This is when you begin to drift apart, and that pain you experience is real. In fact, it’s been proven by researchers that the pain of a break up is virtually identical to that of a junkie going through withdrawal symptoms, because it happens in the same part of your brain.
  • Death’s Door:  Exactly the same as when you lose a loved one to illness, losing a partner to another man causes profoundly negative effects – and terrible emotional pain.

Relationship Rewind is a six phase program that teaches you all about these four stages of ‘relationship decay,’ right through to rewinding your relationship, how to stop your divorce or breakup and simple tricks to re-ignite your partners passion and desire…

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Who’s Ryan Rivers Relationship Rewind for?

Get Her BackWell guys, do you want to be happy in love?  Are you currently in a relationship?  Or perhaps you’ve split up with the love of your life and want her back?  Maybe you’re not in a relationship right now, but want to learn the skills that’ll ensure you’re next one will have the highest chance of success?  Then Relationship Rewind will give you exactly the information you need to get what you want.

And guys, there’s absolutely no reason why this wouldn’t work in a same sex relationship as well.  In fact, we think that they marketing guys are missing a trick by not promoting Relationship Rewind in this manner.

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Who is Ryan Rivers?

Ryan is a relationship expert who was brought up in a family of females.  Brought up by his mother and three older sisters, it’s no surprise that he’s got a fair amount of understanding into how the female mind works.  But he still took his fair share of knocks in love as he was growing up.  But he decided to put his efforts into working out a foolproof system that would allow guys to rewind their relationship to the heady days when they first fell in love.  And this is exactly what Relationship Rewind is – his four-step system that’s seen his relationship move to a successful level, and remain there… [wplapdance name=”RelationshipRewind”]

The Pros and Cons of Ryan Rivers Relationship Rewind


  • Relationship rewind is easy, and interesting, to follow.  Once you understand why these four stages of a relationship happen, then you can begin to put into place the strategies necessary to rebuild the passion and love.get your relationship back
  • Learn how to literally foolproof your relationship without becoming weak, pussy whipped or any of those other emotions you might think are necessary to bring your relationship back on track.
  • Using the tips and tricks you’ll learn in Relationship Rewind, your sex life will zoom up into the stratosphere!  And who doesn’t want that…?
  • Both you and your partner will benefit from a closer, more trusting relationship, making both of you immune to those pangs of insecurity and fear that dog most relationships.

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  •  Probably the only so called ‘con’ that we can think of about Relationship Rewind is your own doubts about whether or not a self-help educational program can help.  But if you’re not sure whether or not to give it a go, then it’s good to know that Relationship Rewind comes with a no quibble, 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. And that means that you can try it out for a massive two months, and if you’re not happy you can get every red cent of your money back.  That makes giving Relationship Rewind a go a bit of a no brainer, in our humble opinion…

The Bottom Line

Well, we certainly didn’t expect to get to this point with the thoughts that we have, because we have to admit that we thought Relationship Rewind was going to be – ahem, a load of old tosh…!  But we’re never adverse to eating 60 Day Money Back Guaranteea large helping of humble pie when necessary, and right now we’re holding out our spoon.

And that’s because this honestly is an educational program that is more than worth the paper (computer program) it’s written on.  If you’re in a relationship, out of a relationship or just in the very first flush of love, then Relationship Rewind really can show you how to vamp your partnership up to another level.  Forget Oprah, Jerry or any other self-help programs you care to think of, because Relationship Rewind honestly can give you the knowledge and power to be happy… for ever!  And that’s something that’s worth more than money can buy, in our humble opinion.

In a nutshell, Relationship Rewind rocks.  And if you give it a go, we think you’ll agree.  Well done Mr. Rivers.

>>Click Here to Get Relationship Rewind<<

>>Click Here to Get Relationship Rewind<<