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The Pandora’s Box System Review – Does It Really Work?

If you’ve always had trouble dating women and if you’ve especially had trouble getting any woman to go out on a date with you, much less get her to come back home with you, the Pandora’s Box System is something you should consider. It’s one of the newest attraction guides out there, and to be honest, it does make some bold claims. Making such claims is nothing new in the PUA industry, but it does come from Vin Di Carlo, one of the most respected coaches for men on how to gain self-confidence and attract women. [wplapdance name=”Pandora”]

This particular PUA guide has been picking up a lot of steam lately, which is why I decided to review it for a lot of you guys out there. You may have encountered this system while browsing about online, and if you have, you’ll know that it might not be available for long. So without further ado, here is my review of the Pandora’s Box System.

What Is the Pandora’s Box System?

The Pandora's Box System The Pandora’s Box System is comprised of the Core System, a Profiler Quiz, and the Ultimate Strategy Guide. The Core System is supposed to give you a better understanding of women and the different types that you might encounter through 10 videos and 11 PDF eBooks. The Profiler Quiz will test you on how to identify the kind of woman you are encountering through situational questions, which you will obviously need once you start looking for potential women to meet. Finally, the Ultimate Strategy Guide teaches you the various strategies you can use depending on the type of woman you have encountered.

 What Can It Do For You?

The Pandora’s Box System is designed to equip you with the tools to effectively seduce any woman you encounter, with a targeted approach according to their type. This is something that most PUA products lack, but that Pandora’s Box System uses so successfully. It uses a concept that assumes that a woman has three conflicts within herself at all times and how she deals with them will determine what type she is. That’s the gist of it, but it may very well be the reason you might not have been that successful with women in the past.

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What I Like About It

The thing I like most about the Pandora’s Box System is that it recognizes that women aren’t all the same, therefore, the same strategy can’t always be applied to every woman you encounter. One tried and tested move you might have had success with before with one woman might not necessarily be as successful if you try it on someone else. In fact, if the next woman you try it on is the complete opposite compared to the last woman you dated, it might even backfire on you.

8 Types of Women

Another thing is that the Pandora’s Box System has developed a formula that will allow you to determine what type of woman you are dealing with so you can apply the appropriate strategy. Whether you are an alpha male oozing with confidence and testosterone or a shy type who isn’t as outgoing, this is a system that will appeal to you. Why? Because men love systems, and the Pandora’s Box System outlines a systematic approach that you just have to follow to become more successful with women.

What I Don’t Like About the System

The thing about most attraction systems like the Pandora’s Box System is that it requires a certain amount of confidence for you to pull off effectively. Like a lot of similar systems, it tries to market itself to the shy types and those who have just been generally unlucky in the dating scene. However, there’s no avoiding the process of trial and error. The good thing is this will build your confidence and give you a guide that you can follow along the way. Few men would have it as lucky when they start out.

The other thing is that the profiling techniques isn’t as accurate as the Pandora’s Box System likes to make it out to be. The system likes to say that it has around a 95% success rate of profiling a woman accurately, however, the reality is it’s more like 80%, at least when I tested it on a few of them. Thankfully, women aren’t evil and won’t mind that much if you screw up just a little, so you can still recover and adjust your approach as you see fit.

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The Pandora’s Box System is priced at $69.95, however you can get access to the introductory Core System for 14 days absolutely free. You’ll be able to learn more about the eight different types of women and the strategies to use for each one. That way, you can decide if getting the full membership is worth it without having to pay anything up front.

So Is the Pandora’s Box System Worth Buying?

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The Pandora’s Box System is a new approach to the attraction guide that recognizes that not every strategy will work on all types of women. It’s designed to give you a better understanding of each type of woman so you can quickly identify which one you have encountered and adjust your strategy accordingly. This greatly maximizes your success if you are able to execute it properly.

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At $69.95, you might think that’s a lot, but really, that’s like going on 1 date, but this time, you WON’T strike out, plus you are given a 14 day introductory period so you can take a look at the Pandora’s Box System without being financially obligated to pay for it right away. There’s a lot of value in a program like this, which is why it’s nice that it gives you access to it early on for free to make it easier to justify the cost.

However, don’t mistake this as something that beginners can easily pick up as the strategies that it outlines still require a certain amount of confidence to deliver – something that beginners won’t be able to acquire simply after watching the videos or reading the eBooks. The system is better suited to those who have already have had some sporadic success and would like to take their game to another level.

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