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A Review of Magnetic Messaging Guide by Rob and Bobby Rio

Magnetic Messaging is a guide that specifically aims to help men text their way to dating the women of their dreams. Developed by Bobby Rio and Date Hotter Girls author Rob, the guide promises to deliver information about texting and how these messages can be used to make women more interested in one’s advances.It is without a doubt that texting has become one of the most used tools for courting and dating among both sexes, and most guys who are too shy to say what they feel in person often rely on text messages to show their interest for a woman. Magnetic Messaging promises to provide all the answers to the dating game unraveling through text messages, but the question is, does it really work and is it worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Magnetic Messaging Homepage

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What Magnetic Messaging Offers to Users

In a nutshell, Magnetic Messaging is a beginner’s guide to any and everything related to dating through text messaging. It offers various tools, advice, and tips that can help a user communicate with women he is interested in with confidence, all the while making the woman feel excited and eager to meet up. The guide is divided into different sections, with each scenario based on real-life situations and experiences that men often have difficulty handling when dating women they are interested in. Magnetic Messaging has a guide for men who correspond with women they haven’t yet asked on a date, women who they went out with several times, and even their girlfriends or wives.Magnetic Messaging focuses on several results that men should be able to accomplish once they use the information offered in the guide. First, successful users are expected to spark a lady’s interest and have her interested enough. Second, men who use the guide are expected to be fully capable of creating a lasting connection with the women they are interested in. Third, users are also expected to learn various ways to handle different situations involving women. All tips and advice are given depending on the level of closeness that one has already achieved and how well the woman in question is responding to the advances made by the user.

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Featured Sections of the Magnetic Messaging Guide

Magnetic Messaging is divided into several sections, with each offering tips and advice on different situations where texting the right messages can make the most impact to a woman. Samples of the text messages given by the creators of the guide are what they would normally say when conversing with women they’re interested in, although users are warned to use their own style so as not to sound canned or scripted.

Some Features of Magnetic Messaging

Aside from this, the guide also discusses the importance of customizing text messages to suit their own needs depending on the type of woman they want to start a connection with. There are text samples from Magnetic Messaging that may seem inappropriate for some women, while there are others that may sound very cheesy and highly assuming. This is why is pays to know the character of the woman that one is interested in before using any one of these examples.There is also a section in the guide that gives emphasis on being as true to oneself as possible, meaning that the tone of the text messages being sent to a woman that a user is interested in should be the same tone that he uses in face-to-face conversations. This allows the receiver of the text message to see it as an honest reflection of the guy wooing her.Magnetic Messaging also discusses various ways to connect with a woman even if it seems that she is not interested or is ignoring the text messages being sent her way. There are sample text messages that one can use during these situations, including some that can be sent to women whom a user has dated in the past and hasn’t kept in touch with for a while. Of course, all of these tips and advice should be followed with discretion, and it is best to remember that they don’t work at all times and for every scenario possible. After all, one does not have control over a woman’s emotions, and it would ultimately be up to her to respond and appreciate the attention.

What You Get with Magnetic Messaging

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Messaging

The biggest advantage to Magnetic Messaging is its simplicity. It is a guide that is very easy to follow and quite easy to read. Aside from this, everything that a beginner needs to survive in the world of dating through text is presented in a clear manner. Aside from this, the guide is packed with information and advice that one can really use in real-life.  The guide is also great for those that already have experience with women and texting.  There are many great “done-for-you” texts that will work for anyone.The disadvantage to Magnetic Messaging is that some of the sections lack in explanation. Some topics are not as thoroughly discussed as one would wish. Aside from this, some tips and information can be found online with a bit of research.

Pricing and Recommendation

Magnetic Messaging retails for $47, with several unadvertised bonuses available to those who purchase the guide. Aside from this, there are also some reports and other bonuses that Rob and Bobby created themselves, with a majority of them teaching one how to enjoy and conquer the texting and dating world. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee that one can fall back on in case the guide fails to meet expectations or does not deliver the promised results.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Magnetic Messaging is an unique guide to texting and dating women is a comprehensive guide and provides excellent information to users. Those who have no clue as to start communicating with women through text will benefit the most from the product, while those who have enough experience in the matter can polish their skills and add to their knowledge. The price also makes it very appealing, considering that other dating and texting guides cost more. I recommend the program for anyone that wants to step up their text game and with the money back guarantee, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try Magnetic Messaging.

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