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A Review of the Javita Coffee Business Opportunity – Is It Good?

Coffee is one of the more interesting products to sell when it comes to network marketing because of its popularity as a beverage. It’s the second most consumed drink, next only to water and it’s the world’s second most traded commodity next to oil. Combine the popularity of gourmet coffee and the benefits of a health supplement and you should have an easily marketable product, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Javita Coffee Company has based their business on, Javita Coffee logoproducing gourmet coffee that has been infused with all natural herbs, resulting in coffee that gives you more benefits than a Venti from Starbucks.However as an entrepreneur, I’m more interested in the business opportunity they offer. You see, aside from producing coffee, the Javita Coffee Company also offers a business program where interested entrepreneurs can sign up to become direct sellers. It’s similar to many other network marketing opportunities I’ve tried or read about in the past, so what makes it worth investing in? Find out in this full review of the Javita Coffee business opportunity.What Products Will You be Promoting?Being a network marketing opportunity, there is always a product or service to promote, which in this case is their blend of gourmet coffee with natural herbs. Javita offers them at wholesale prices that you can then sell for a profit. There are two variants to choose from:The first is Burn + Control, which has been infused with Yerba Mate, which helps boost the metabolism, and Garcinia Cambogia, which has been found to help diminish a person’s appetite. This combination of natural herbs speeds up the body’s fat-burning process and reduces the amount of calories that a person consumes.

Then there is Energy + Mind, which contains Bacopa Manieri that helps jumpstart the brain and improve learning skills and Gotu Kola that helps improve mental clarity and the ability to focus. This, in combination with the highest quality coffee beans, gives you more energy and improved alertness and mental clarity.Javita Coffee ProductsMembers can choose between three different packages: the $99 Starter Pack, $499 Business Pack and $999 Business Elite Pack. Each one can be had in either Burn + Control Packs or Combo Packs with both the Burn + Control and Energy + Mind variants. Those who are just starting out with the program would probably want to go with the Starter Pack initially, but I would recommend either the Business Pack or Business Elite Pack once you’ve gotten the hang of things.

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How Else Can You Earn Through the Javita Coffee Opportunity?Of course, this wouldn’t be a network marketing business without referral and team-based incentives. The Javita Coffee opportunity follows the unilevel model with a twist where each member has up to three downlines or legs. You can recruit them yourself or benefit from your sponsor’s spillover. Likewise, your own spillover can help build the legs of your downline below you, helping to grow your team further.Bonuses are quite lucrative and there is an assortment of ways you can earn from referrals and team performance. There’s actually a long list of them, but I imagine the ones that would catch the attention of interested marketers are the STAR Bonus Program and BMW Car Bonus.The STAR Bonus program allows STAR members to participate in the Star Bonus Pool, which consists of 2% of the local net country commissionable volume. Your share of the bonus pool would depend on how many STAR Bonus points you are able to accumulate from enrolling new members into the program and new preferred customers into a minimum 50PV Autoship.The BMW Car Bonus allows members to earn a monthly bonus that would go toward the purchase or lease of a car of their choice from the BMW or Mini Cooper lines. They would have to have joined with either the $499 Business Pack or the $999 Business Elite Pack and achieved STAR status. Members with a rank of Supervisor can earn a monthly BMW Car Bonus of $400 while those who have reached at least Black Diamond status can earn $1,000 monthly.

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What I like About the Javita Program

First of all, the Javita Coffee opportunity has a low cost of entry. The Starter Pack only costs $99 and there’s even the option to join for just $49 that gives you a membership kit that doesn’t include any commissionable products. Most other programs of this nature would cost at least $200 to join, so becoming a member of the Javita Coffee team is quite affordable.The products being marketed through the program are also easily marketable. Gourmet coffee is a hot market, and because of the additional health benefits that Javita is able to provide through their Burn + Control and Energy + Mind variants, they can also be marketed as a health and wellness product as well. You’re essentially selling something that people are already aware of and are actively looking for.However, what I like most about the program is the sheer number of referral and team performance-based incentives. You can share in a bonus pool of the company’s local net country commissionable volume and even get the company to pay for the car of your dreams. There are also a lot of opportunities to earn residual income once you have grown your team to a respectable size.

A Few Things I’m Not Too Keen On

If there’s anything I don’t like, there’s the cost of the coffee itself, which is a bit on the high side. While it is a premium coffee, therefore you are paying a premium price for a premium product, when compared to your regular instant coffee pricing, the pricing may be the first thing to turn people off to the product.There’s also the $14.95 annual renewal fee. It isn’t all that big and if you’re even the slightest bit active, the program should pay itself off in no time, but it’s a renewal fee nonetheless.

Is It Worth the Investment?

One of the most important things that a good network marketing opportunity should have is a product that can stand on its own. Coffee in itself is already a strong product and combined with Javita’s unique blend of coffee and natural herbs, it becomes a very marketable product that can appeal to both coffee lovers and health and wellness enthusiasts.Another thing that excites me about Javita is the performance-based incentives they provide for recruiting new members and overall team sales. That’s on top of the profits and commissions you may already be generating from your direct sales. It’s also an easy program to get into with a low cost of entry.When it comes to these kinds of opportunities, it is very easy to start ignoring the actual retail side of it and focus on recruitment where much of the incentives are. This kind of thing has always been a concern for me, but Javita addresses this by providing enough sale-based incentives as well. That way, members who aren’t too keen on recruiting can still lean toward the retail side as a viable source of income.Should you start investing in Javita? It depends. There are opportunities for both those who prefer the retail side and those who prefer to focus on recruitment-based incentives, so there’s something for every kind of entrepreneurship style.  If you already have some prior experience with these kinds of programs, start with the Business Pack rather than a Starter Pack because you can start getting bonuses and high payouts.

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