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Reviewing USP Labs’ Jack3d: What It Is, Side Effects & Should You Take It?

Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement that promises to provide additional energy, increased mental focus, and better recovery times for users. Manufactured by USP Labs, the product was taken off the shelves to comply with FDA regulations ordering companies to cease production of supplements and products that contain the ingredient 1,3 Jack3d as Packaged by USP Labsdimethylamylamine.

Users of Jack3d reported both positive and negative effects while consuming the product, with a majority of them satisfied with the results it delivered prior, during, and after their workouts. Because of the FDA order however, the product has since then been reformulated and repackaged as Jack3d Micro.

In retrospect, let’s take a closer look at why this product became a hit with users and why it was pulled off the shelves despite its success.

What Jack3d Offered to Users

Clean energy, razor-sharp mental focus, and faster recovery times without the expected crashes were the three main selling points of Jack3d when it was first released in the market. Because of the blend of ingredients found in its formulation, it allowed users to maximize the amount of nitric oxide in the body to experience increased blood flow to the muscles, therefore adding more pump to every workout. Aside from this, the increased NO in the bloodstream also allowed for faster muscle development because of more efficient nutrient delivery.

USP Labs was also successful in the manufacture of Jack3d precisely because the product did not contain filler ingredients. As such, the product’s active ingredients were immediately absorbed by the body for almost-instantaneous effects. Users of the original Jack3d claimed to feel the effects within 5 minutes of taking the supplement, allowing them to feel more energized and more prepared to take on the workouts ahead of them.


Jack3d was recommended to people who wanted to achieve better muscle gains in the fastest time possible without suffering from injuries caused by poor recovery times. One would take the supplement as a drink at least half an hour before a workout to get the most out of each serving. The product came in smaller tubs than traditional workout powders because of its potency, and on each label was a warning that recommended users to stick to the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to prevent any harmful side effects.

Active Ingredients in Jack3d

The Bad Side of Jack3d?

Although the formulation of USP Labs’ Jack3d contained several highly-effective ingredients, Creatine and 1,3 dimethylamylamine caused a furor over health advocates because of their unwanted side effects. Creatine which is used for almost any type of workout and bodybuilding supplement and is legally recognized as a valid ingredient can affect a person’s body when taken in large amounts. These effects include drastic mood swings and diarrhea among others. Aside from this, there are those that deem Creatine to be nothing more than an additive, claiming that although Creatine delivers additional energy boosts to bodybuilders, it does not actually contribute to muscle development and growth.

1,3 dimethylamylamine on the other hand or what is commonly called as DMAA was primarily used in supplements and pharmaceutical drugs that were meant to treat ADHD among other disorders. The compound was originally intended to be used in nasal decongestants, although manufacturers started using it as an ingredient in workout supplements to add to the thermogenic effects in the body, therefore increasing its core temperature and allowing one to lose weight and have more energy than usual. It is this ingredient found in Jack3d that caused the supplement to be taken off the shelves, as DMAA-related deaths have been recorded since early 2008, thereby prompting the FDA and several health organizations to conduct investigations into its components and effects.

DMAA Explained

As quoted in an NBC News article , the FDA has received ‘adverse event reports’ concerning various illnesses and deaths related to the use of DMAA. This prompted its recommendation for state-side manufacturers to stop using DMAA in their products, including Jack3d and another one of USP Labs’ products called OxyElite Pro. This followed the previous recommendations of UK’s drug administration concerning the same issues raised against the use of DMAA. At present, the use of DMAA is banned in 9 countries, with the US, UK, Canada, and Australia some of the most vocal.

Jack3d and OxyElite Pro from USP Labs

DMAA is known to be a vasoconstrictor, meaning it narrows the arteries and slows down the delivery of blood to various organs in the body. As a result, a person who ingests it without the guidance of a doctor or physician can suffer from increased blood pressure and in severe cases, death due to heart attack or heart failure. You see, when veins and arteries in the body become narrow, the supply of blood and oxygen to the organs becomes insufficient to support regular bodily functions. The constricted arteries also make the heart work doubly hard to compensate for the lack of oxygen and nutrients, thereby forcing it into an arrest or arrhythmia.

FDA’s Legal Authority Over Pre-Market Supplement Evaluations

Since the passing of a law in 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration has not had any control over pre-market testing of declared supplements being sold in the country. This means that the administration can do at best is issue a consumer advisory warning the public of the potential hazards of taking supplements with DMAA. Aside from this, its plea for all manufacturers to stop using DMAA as an ingredient in their products has been, for the most part, followed to the letter. Although there are those who continue to look for Jack3d and other similar products, especially in online stores, a large majority of previous Jack3d users have found other supplements which provide the same benefits without the negative effects. On the part of USP Labs, the company has since then reformulated Jack3d to comply with the FDA advisory, introducing Jack3d Micro to the public as a replacement product.

Final Thoughts on Jack3d

Although Jack3d was, for the most part, very popular and very effective when you go by what a large number of workout enthusiasts claim, its pullout is seen by some health advocates as a necessary means to stop the adverse effects of DMAA on users’ bodies. If you’re a fan of Jack3d and are uncertain about which type of supplement to go for since your go-to product has been taken off the shelves, know that there are other similar and even more effective products in the market. Besides, suffering from side effects is not the way to go when working out just for the sake of being ‘amped up’.

Jack3d Micro as Replacement for Jack3d

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