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How To Avoid The Flu This Season

The flu comes around every single year and we all hope we don’t get it. Some of us choose to take the flu jab, but a lot of people would rather not. First of all, you don’t really know what you’re being injected with and, secondly, avoid the fluthe flu jab often leaves people feeling quite sick for a number of days, so it doesn’t seem worth it. However, there are also plenty of things you can do yourself to help you avoid the dreaded flu this season, with the need for any flu jabs. Modern Alternative Mama reports on flu shots stating that:

“It’s ineffective – Studies show that the flu vaccine isn’t particularly effective. Researchers have to simply “guess” which strains will circulate each year. There are several, but vaccines contain only three.”

Things to buy to Avoid the Flu

There are a bunch of things you can buy that will help you avoid the dreaded flu. According to Glamour Magazine

“I will […] present to you three products–all without needles!–that just may help keep your immune system tip-top enough to avoid the flu.”

The first is the KIND pomegranate, blueberry and pistachio bars with antioxidants. These are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that will help you keep your immune system in tip top condition. Next, there is the fact that you may just need a new toothbrush. So many germs collect on your toothbrush that it is like an open ticket for the flu virus to come straight into your system. Last but not least, there is oral antiseptic mouth wash. This is designed to kill any bacteria you still have left in your mouth after brushing your teeth – with a new toothbrush, of course.

Things to Do to Avoid the Flu

These are some of the products you can buy that will help you avoid the flu that you may not have considered in the past. However, there are a few other things you could get involved in. According to Observer

“If anyone knows about the flu, it’s the Visiting Angels! They’ve created a “Fight the Flu Kit,” and their list makes sense.”

The list created by Visit Angels includes paper towels, a forehead thermometer, hand sanitizers (pick those that contain aloe vera), pens (so you don’t have to pick up other people’s germs in public whenever you have to sign for something), lysol spray, hand sanitizer wipes and hand soap. Naturally, you also need a healthy dose of common sense if you are going to avoid the flu, as well as playing your own part in not spreading it if there is a chance you are infected.

Things to Look out For

There is another issue to consider. People know that we don’t want to have the flu, and they know that we don’t like to get the flu jab. Because of this, an entire market has opened up with fraudulent products promising that they can keep the flu at bay. As explained by NBC 12

“Those products include fake flu drugs, dietary supplements, teas and even air filters that the FDA has not approved.”

There are a few things that scream “fake product” that you can look out for. Any product that says it can reduce the length and the severity of the flu is probably fake or not approved. Similarly, any product that claims to give you an instant immunity boost should be avoided. Lastly, any product that says they can definitely stop you from getting the flu is fake. Even the flu shot can’t guarantee that you won’t get the flu, so that says a lot.