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A Girlfriend Activation System Review – Is It Good?

The guys behind Girlfriend Activation System have been known for coming out with some of the more effective PUA courses, despite their decidedly anti-PUA philosophies. However until now, their courses have mostly focused on improving self-confidence and attracting the opposite sex, sparking that initial attraction and other basic stuff. Their newest product, the Girlfriend Activation System addresses that by coming out with a step-Girlfriend Activation Systemby-step guide for every interval of the relationship.

The Girlfriend Activation System promises a lot of things and even goes so far as to guarantee you’ll get a girlfriend using the methods it teaches or you get your money back. That’s certainly a bold guarantee right there but their past products have proven successful before and have generated a loyal following so these guys must be doing something right. Let’s take a look at what the program offers and if there’s really a good chance that you’ll find a girlfriend as it promises you will.

How Does the Girlfriend Activation System Work?

Guys who have been unsuccessful at dating and finding a girlfriend typically have problems with knowing what to do and when to do it. They have trouble detecting and reacting to signals and end up giving off mixed signals as well. In the end, even if he does manage to find a girl who is attracted to him, he ultimately starts turning her off and away.

What makes the Girlfriend Activation System different from the tons of other books and programs that try to solve these problems is that it focuses on a woman’s obsessions by tapping into the principles of Literotica. There’s a good reason 70 million women worldwide were drawn to the Fifty Shades of Gray books and it’s that women have desires and lived vicariously through the book in order to fulfill them. And in case you haven’t noticed, the same is true for every successful Literotica story.

Some of The Social Man’s other programs have already touched on this, but the Girlfriend Activation System is much more comprehensive, yet it avoids that overwhelming feeling of complexity by presenting what needs to be done in a series of steps. In fact, there’s a series of steps for just about everything and every situation. You’ll find yourself knowing exactly what to do and when to do it. At least, so the program claims.

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The Top Things I like About the Girlfriend Activation System

The Girlfriend Activation System is one of the most unique PUA systems I’ve ever encountered and I like the ironically anti-PUA stance that it takes. The anti-PUA philosophy isn’t new, and there are actually a lot of PUAs that are veiled in the new anti-PUA movement, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to like. In most cases, the goal of the Girlfriend Activation System is actually the same as your typical PUA, even if the supposed priorities aren’t the same. For example, those looking for a same-night lay system might not necessarily consider this one, but it is very possible to achieve the same things you would want in a same-night lay system and the Girlfriend Activation System.

I especially like how it’s presented in a step-by-step manner. Guys don’t like being taught a philosophy and general attitude. They prefer simply knowing what to do and when to do it. The difference between a successful and failed relationship is how well you react to certain situations and the Girlfriend Activation System hard wires what needs to be done so that we’re never left clueless, regardless of the situation.

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What I Don’t Like About Girlfriend Activation System

As much as possible, the program is geared toward all sorts of guys, particularly those that haven’t had that much success at dating and relationships. By itself, the program doesn’t have many cons, but the language can get a bit explicit. If you are sensitive to this kind of language, this isn’t the program for you.



If you’re interested in following the program, the pricing tends to fluctuate, but right now you can get it at $67 for a limited time only. During the limited offer, you can get 5 additional bonuses thrown in along with the original system itself, which includes the Complete Confidence Hypnosis, The Breathtaking Hello, Endless Conversations, Sexual Texting, and the Ten Code all at no added cost.

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Each of these bonuses is a standalone course in its own right, some of which are even more valuable than the system itself, so it’s best to take advantage of them while they’re bundled at no extra cost. They did say the pricing would revert back to the original at a little less than $200 and it would no longer include those bonuses.


Considering all the tips and techniques that you’re getting, I would easily recommend this program to anyone who hasn’t had that much success in dating and relationships. The information that you get from the Girlfriend Activation System isn’t the kind that you can accumulate just by doing research through the internet. Some of the information can be found through other PUAs, but there are also interesting new tips and techniques that come only with the system that you won’t find anywhere else. I would especially recommend it if you’ve tried out other PUA systems but didn’t get that much out of them.

Admittedly, the program does seem a little too good to be true, but it’s from the tried and tested team that has already churned out popular products such as Fearless, Unbreakable and BFUTXTHER. Also at $67, the program is a steal, especially if you manage to get all those bonuses along with it. The entire limited offer is valued at $3,282 but you’re getting it for much less.So if you’re still considering whether to buy the program or not, it’s best to make the decision as soon as possible. Luckily, the Girlfriend Activation System is backed by a money-back guarantee that is good for a full year.

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What You Get with GAS

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