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Get The Girl Code Review – Is Michael Fiore’s Program Really Good?

Get The Girl Code LogoIf you’re familiar with most PUA dating products, you’ll know that most of them are an accumulation of cheap tricks that require the confidence of an experienced PUA to even be able to execute properly. More often than not, the average Joe won’t have the experience or charisma to deliver a smooth pickup line or execute a dating strategy without messing up the delivery. It’s for this reason that it’s hard to recommend dating products to anyone these days.

Then a dating guide like Get the Girl Code comes along and renews my faith in the PUA industry somewhat. While there are the typical step by step guides on how to approach dating that most of you might be familiar with, Get the Girl Code also molds you into become a desirable man that women would actually want to date. Admittedly, it did catch my attention with words like “magical breasts”, but I did notice that when you read through it, it doesn’t really offer anything new. What it does do is do most things exceptionally well.

What is Get the Girl Code?

Get the Girl Code is a 3-step system that teaches you how to approach, attract and get any girl you want. The program promises to do this without any lying, manipulation, games, or PUA tricks. Some of the skills that are taught in the guide include how to adopt a sexy mindset, engage women in conversation, become more desirable by boosting your confidence and self-awareness, develop a deep understanding of women, and ultimately attract and date any woman you want.

The Get the Girl Code dating guide is accessible online via a members-only area. There you can watch the videos, listen to the audio courses through an online stream or just download them to listen to them away from the computer. PDF transcripts are also available that you can read online or download.

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What I Like About Get the Girl Code

Michael FioreMichael Fiore, founder of Digital Romance, Inc., the relationship advice company behind Get the Girl Code is certainly proud of his latest product, going so far as to say that it provides dating advice that does away with the typical lying, manipulation, and other cheap PUA tricks that are associated with other dating guides. Interestingly enough, the honest and up-front approach has been a staple of many of the best PUA products out there, which isn’t a bad thing, mind you. 

A lot of dating guides in the past would try to transform you into someone you’re not while equipping you with tools that you’re not necessarily ready to handle. The best PUA products know this approach shoots itself in the foot and instead makes things simpler for the men who buy them. This is why Get the Girl Code is worth buying. It simplifies things by giving you a step by step guide to virtually every aspect of attracting and dating women using strategies that are more realistic.

There are also a number of useful bonuses, all of which are complete mini courses on their own. Learn “How to Avoid the Friendzone” and let her see you in a different light. Learn “The Sexual Escalation Formula” and how to take a date from holding hands to hitting the sack. Use the step by step instructions in “Ms X’s Simple Seduction Checklist” to make it impossible to fail with a girl. Learn how to be direct with women and get exactly what you want with “The Connection Factor Training”. Of course, there’s my personal favorite, “My [Your] First Ever One Night Stand”. Each course is worth quite a bit but is included free as part of the entire Get the Girl Code program.

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What I Don’t Like About It

Well, if there’s anything I can’t say I like, it’s that the course requires work.  Ms X requires you to do some homework; you have to think about certain situations and look inside yourself to find out what you really have to do.  Yes, there is some rehashed information in the program but there are some big nuggets that I haven’t found in any other programs.  If you are willing to put in some work and willing to review some old material to get to the great stuff, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

What You Get with the Get The Girl Code?

What You GetAs mentioned, Get the Girl Code is a digital product and is available only through an online members-only area. It’s not available through Amazon or traditional book sellers. You get access to the core program, as well as the 5 bonuses for a one-time payment of $49. There is no free trial, but you do get a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, which is a great way to try out the program for yourself without any risk. 

So Should You Buy Into Get the Girl Code

Get the Girl Code wants you to believe that it’s different from any other PUA dating product out there. The truth is, it’s not. However, it does rank among the best dating guides because it does exactly what a great PUA product should do: empower you. A lot of cheap dating guides will teach you tricks that are just as cheap. However, Get the Girl Code provides you with useful information in the form of strategies, step-by-step guides, insights, and ultimately the self-confidence necessary to put everything into action.

Another great thing is that Get the Girl Code is relatively affordable dating guide considering it covers all of the bases for just $49. Once you buy Get the Girl Code, you won’t have to buy another PUA product again because it’s just that comprehensive. My only beef with it is that the core program doesn’t seem to come as a proper eBook. The transcript is nice if I’d rather read than listen to the audio book, but reading a proper eBook that’s properly laid out would have been nice. However, I can also argue that the best way to consume the program’s content is by listening to the audio books since listening to an experienced dating coach is more empowering than simply reading an eBook, transcript or not.

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