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Examples of Real Six Pack Abs and How They Got Them

As a man, you know that when a little rookie boy like Justin Bieber opens his shirt to reveal an amazing six pack, it is time to start doing something about your own body. Suddenly, it seems that everyone has a six pack again. Switch on any sports match or open any celebrity magazine and you are bombarded by men with the most stunning abs. Enough to give anyone a complex, until you remember that they may be famous, but they are still people so if they can do it, so can you. Let’s take a look at a specific example, as well as some useful hints and tips on how to get that amazing six pack yourself.

 Novak Djokovic

 When Djoko reached the quarter finals of the Australian Open, which he has now won, he ripped off his shirt in happiness. Women in the audience swooned and men felt their jealousy rising because he has one amazing six pack. So how does he do it? After all, tennis is not a sport that focuses on the stomach muscles all that much right? The Examiner discovered that Djokovic achieves this by eating a gluten free diet.

 “If you can mentally overcome this greed and eat only the food that is good for your metabolism, then you will have the best results, not just in tennis but in life as well,” said Djokovic. “Mentally, you’ll be fresh, you’ll be happier, you’ll be calmer. Physically, you’ll be stronger, faster, more dynamic, your muscles will work better. That’s what I feel.”

 Salt – the Biggest Evil of All?

 Ok, so we have to take gluten out of our diet. We can live with that. But now we also have to get rid of salt if we want to have those ripping abs? Unfortunately, it seems so. Again, The Examiner noted that.

 “One of the key ways to develop impressive abdominals beyond increasing cardiovascular activity, and reducing fat and sugar, is sodium reduction. Sodium is an essential mineral needed by the muscles and nervous system for proper functioning. The American diet, however, includes an overabundance of salt. In the presence of excess salt, the body retains water, causing most muscular definition, in the abs or anywhere else to blur.”

 So luckily, if you don’t eat an American diet, you should be fine. But check your salt intake and join the challenge of cutting it out of your diet as much as possible.

 Six Pack Abs Diet Plan

 No gluten, no salt and obviously none of the other super tasty stuff that is so bad for us. Sounds like a boring diet to follow for any length of time… Luckily, there is now a diet out there that is interesting and tasty and will help you get those amazing six pack abs. As explained by Men’s Fitness.

“Nutrition is highly individualized. Meaning some people do well on higher carb diets, some on lower. I highly recommend not sacrificing performance during your training sessions by cutting calories or carbs too low in the workout window. Doing so reduces your ability to train hard and maximize the muscle building effects of your training.”

 Indeed, this means we are actually allowed to eat, so long as we eat the right thing at the right time. Slow release carbs about an hour before your workout, a protein shake as soon as you finish your last rep and a carb meal some 90 minutes later. It isn’t about starving yourself or denying yourself tasty things, but more about eating the right things at the right time, just like Justin Bieber, Novak Djokovic and others.

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