A Review of the Empower Network Business Opportunity

So a lot of people have been asking me “what is one of the best opportunities for me to make money and replace my job?”  Well, I have been involved with Empower Network for 3 months now and making good money with it, and it’s growing monthly.  Since, I’m closely involved with it, I had someone write an unbiased review of it, which you can find below.  I add more at the end.

Empower Network is an business opportunity that has enjoyed a solid following since its launch. Founded in 2011 by David Sharpe and David Wood, the Empower Network boasts of over 70,000 members earning generous incomes with their MLM business model.

Empower Network Diagram 1 A Review of the Empower Network Business Opportunity

Instead of services and products, what Empower Network uses as its core products is training materials and programs that allow aspiring business owners to learn the ropes and become successful in their ventures. This is quite different from your run of the mill online business opportunity, which is why I decided to take a closer look.

What Empower Network Offers

Empower Network or EN for short is basically an online blogging platform that one can use to promote services and products. The difference however is that it is also a business opportunity to earn as an affiliate of EN. To put it in plain words, the company provides you with the venue to promote your business and allows you to earn commissions for each person you can convince to join the Empower Network opportunity.

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As any online business owner knows, the key to having a successful venture in the internet is exposure and the right content. This is exactly what Empower Network offers its members – a blog where they can promote their products and the necessary training needed to drive sales and traffic to that site. Because of this approach, a lot of people find the EN opportunity more appealing than most MLM ventures in the market these days, and proof is the volume of sales made by the company through its affiliates within just a year of its launch. At present, Empower Network has reportedly paid over 20 million dollars in commissions and residual incomes to its members.

How Does It Work?

People who join Empower Network are given access to a viral blogging platform that is optimized to rank in Google quickly and can be used for any business venture in mind. One can sell their own products just like a normal business website, but the kicker is in the training and commissions that can be generated by encouraging others to undergo the same training and have the same access to the online blogging platform provided to EN affiliates.

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So say for example you join Empower Network and use your blog to promote various online job and business opportunities. Aside from the usual content you can post, you are also promoting EN’s line of training products and materials. If one of your readers becomes interested and signs up to receive a blogging platform of his own, they then receive same training you were provided while allowing you to earn 100% commission from signing them up at the same time.

This type of opportunity has two distinct advantages as I see it. First, you have the freedom to control what you post on your blog and what products or services you want to sell while promoting Empower Network in the background. Second, the leads and loyal followers you are able to generate from your blog can in fact act as your down lines in the future by encouraging them to join your EN team. This way, you will have no worries as to lead generation and sales when it comes to your role as an Empower Network affiliate.

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What Will You Sell?

At present, there are 5 training packages that EN affiliates can take advantage of in order to be entitled to commissions and residual incomes. A basic membership costs $25 a month, and this pays for the blogging platform as well as a series of training videos and materials that one can use to start their own online business venture. The second package, called the Inner Circle Mastermind costs $100 a month and provides access to audio lessons from the cream of the crop in the Empower Network. These lessons will often include advice, tips, and various marketing strategies that they themselves have used to achieve success in their own right. The third training package on the other hand is called the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive and goes for a one-off payment of $497. Then there’s the $15k Formula ($997) and the Master’s Retreat ($3000).  This includes video training from both of the founders.

Empower Network Diagram 3 A Review of the Empower Network Business Opportunity

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Take note however, that one should have purchased a training package beforehand to qualify for the corresponding commission. So if you sign up for the basic membership and upgrade to Inner Circle Mastermind, you are now entitled to receive 100% commissions for each person in your downline who purchases the same products. If one purchases the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive for example and you still haven’t done so, you will not be entitled to the commission and the profit will go to your sponsor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Empower Network Opportunity

The obvious advantage of EN is that everyone can do it regardless of internet marketing experience. Because the training and resources you need will be provided to you, you will not have such a difficult time setting your own online business through the blogging platform. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran in the online marketing industry, this type of opportunity can certainly work for you. Although there are recurring costs that you have to take into consideration, the potential of earning a 4-6 figure income is quite high as long as you put in some effort to make it work.

The disadvantage to this is that you really need to spend time on your blog and make sure that it is highly visible to your target market. Although you will have the proper training through Empower Network training programs and materials, you will still have to keep yourself in the loop and updated with any changes that may impact your income-generating capacity.

Empower Network Diagram 4 A Review of the Empower Network Business Opportunity

Final Thoughts on Empower Network’s Opportunity

The question that most people will ask is, “is it legitimate?” The way I see it, Empower Network is as legitimate as it can get. However, one must always remember the risks and pitfalls that come with joining any type of MLM business opportunity. As long as you take the time to understand what you’re getting into before you commit to anything, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to succeed in your venture.

How To Get In With Gentlemen’s University

So as you can see, this can be a great deal, and actually life changing to many.   Me and my team are growing fast and actually are involved with some of the fastest growing teams out there.

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