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Body Beast by Beachbody Reviewed: Its Features, Advantages, and Downsides

Body Beast by Beachbody is a muscle-building workout program that promises to boost hypertrophy or muscle growth in as little as 30-50 minutes per session. Developed by Sagi Kalev who is a long time bodybuilding coach and a former Mr. Israel, this workout program combines old Body Beast is actually quite different. For one thing,Body Beast Homepage on Beachbody Websiteschool techniques with modern muscle building methods to guarantee the best results.

Beachbody has long been a household name in the fitness industry because of its intensive and hardcore workout programs. However, each of these programs has its own set of pros and cons, which is why I decide to do a Body Beast review or you can go check it out here.

What Body Beast is All About

In a nutshell, Body Beast allows users to focus on lean muscle gain by undergoing short yet intense workout sessions in a span of 90 days. Although many can claim that the P90X workout – also from Beachbody – offers the same thing, it focuses more on muscle development and growth and less on fat burning. For another, the workouts involved in the program are more intense, about double the intensity of those offered by P90X. The way I see it, it is geared towards those who already have a foundation on weight training and are looking for new and more challenging ways to improve their physiques. Body Beast is also ideal for hardgainers – people who have a hard time gaining lean muscle even though they already have a solid weight training background.

Body Beast also cuts down on cardio routines and adds more to weight lifting and multiple workout sets. Users will be asked to follow the corresponding plan based on one of three kits and are expected to see gains in 90 days or less. As long as Body Beast is followed to the letter, Beachbody guarantees excellent results within the 90-day period.

What’s in the Body Beast Kit?

There are 3 Body Beast kits that users can choose from depending on the intensity of the workouts they prefer, the level of weight training they want, and the level Body Beast Packageof assistance they need. Each of these kits features 12 Body Beast workouts, training schedules, and a book that includes supplementing instructions and a nutritional guide. Those who decide to try out the program will also have access to the Body Beast mobile app for additional tips and advice.

The Body Beast Base Kit contains all four items mentioned above and is considered as the most basic of them all. The Body Beast Huge Kit on the other hand offers additional items including supplement and shake supplies as well as two additional workouts that come in DVD format. Combine the first two kits and you get the Beast Kit which offers everything on both Base and Huge kits and then some. The Beast Kit also includes additional supplement supplies aside from those mentioned in the second kit.

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How Body Beast Works

Those who try out the Body Beast program are given instruction on how to maximize their bodies’ muscle building capabilities, which is what makes it stand out among other workout programs in the same category. It encompasses bodybuilding, supplementing, and nutrition systems to deliver the best results while allowing its users to have more time for recovery and other tasks.

Comparing Body Beast Stacks and Kits

When compared to going to the gym, each session of Body Beast only lasts 30-50 minutes instead of the usual hour and a half or a couple of hours. However, those who are willing to try the program out should expect intensive training each and every time. In my opinion, the sets are doubly intensive than the ones found in P90X and that’s putting it mildly. This is because Kalev has come up with a combination of routines that target several muscle groups in the body at once, with some lifting sets even more complicated than one would usually be accustomed to. Aside from this, there is less cardio training because the focus is on rapid muscle development and growth and not on fat burning, weight loss, or muscle sculpting.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Body Beast

One of the biggest advantages of Body Beast is that it allows advanced users to have something more to look forward to aside from the usual muscle building routines. When you’ve been in the bodybuilding industry for a number of years and have tried almost all types of programs in the market, there will come a time when you will yearn for something more in your workouts – added intensity, new sets, and better muscle growth. Body Beast, in my opinion, has these to offer and in no small amounts. Aside from this, users will also be able to take advantage of a complete and comprehensive program down to the nutrition and supplement guides.

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One downside that would prevent others from trying out Body Beast is price, seeing it costs more than the usual run of the mill programs in the market. This is perhaps why Beachbody offers an option to pay for a kit in 3 installments. Also, the program is somewhat more attuned to men instead of women because the workouts in themselves are very demanding and would require more than the average stamina and strength.

The Body Beast Base Kit goes for 3 payments of $29.95, while the Huge Kit can be purchased for 3 payments of $66.90. The Beast Kit on the other hand will cost you 3 payments of $84.90. Shipping and handling prices will also vary based on the kit being ordered and the location. There is also a 90-day money back guarantee on the product so users can try it at no risk.

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee by Beachbody

Beachbody’s Body Beast is a must try if you’ve seemingly tried every method possible to rapidly gain lean muscle but have experienced little to no results. If you’re a hardgainer or someone who wants to try more challenging sets and repetitions other than the ones you’re used to then this product is certainly for you. If your goal is to just lose weight and sculpt your muscles without bulking up however then you may want to look for another workout program that can help you because Body Beast is not for you.   With the money back guarantee you have nothing to lose, try it out and if it doesn’t work, send it back.

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