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A Quick Review Of The Best Online Dating Sites

With so many online dating sites to choose from, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the one that is right for you. Each of the sites claims to be the best and to have the greatest track record when it comes to making the perfect match. Some are going so far as to say that a percentage of all marriages in this country have been made possible through their dating sites. So which ones really are the best? Let’s take a look at a review from some of the best dating sites on the internet today.

1. Match.com

Match.com is truly the best of the best when it comes to online dating sites. It is one of the cheapest sites to join, and it offers a huge range of benefits as well. The ratio between males and females is almost equal, which is an important detail. The profile matching system is very easy to use and it asks all the right questions in a jargon-free language. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer compatibility tests or the option to indicate a relationship type. The communication options are fantastic too, with text alerts possible and more.

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2. EHarmony

Eharmony is another very good site, which is something they themselves know. Their price is very low, which also makes them interesting. The ratio of men to women is slightly skewed, however, with 71% being female. It has many options in terms of setting up your profile and it takes less than 24 hours for your profile to be approved, meaning you can start dating straight away. It also offers personality and compatibility tests.

Experience the magic of compatibility.

3. PerfectMatch.com

PerfectMatch.com is becoming increasingly popular. It is one of the more expensive dating sites out there, which doesn’t go in its favor, but people seem willing to pay this price for what they receive. This is probably because their male to female ratio is almost 50/50, as well as because of the many other benefits they offer. This includes fantastic options for building and matching your profile, as well as a whole array of communication options. It also offers one of the best customer services out there.

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4. Chemistry

Chemistry is a lesser known dating site in the market, but they are starting to make a big difference. They have quite a high fee, but it seems that it may be worth paying this fee. They have fantastic site appeal, the profiles are easy to build and search and their matching tools are really good and seem to do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Our interesting conversation-starting activities, personality insights and personalized tips help you get to know the person behind the profile. That way, when you decide to meet someone for a first date, it will feel like you’re meeting for the second time.

One of the differences with this site is that they do not claim to know what is right for you, in the way that many other dating sites do. Instead, they believe that only you know what is right for you, and their role is to facilitate your search. This is a different approach that has made Chemistry very popular.

5. JDate

JDate has quite a number of teething problems, but because their site still scores reasonable in many of the factors that would be important, it ranks fifth on the list of best sites. The price is certainly not the lowest, and because this is, functionally speaking, not the very best site, whether or not to try it will be a personal decision. They do offer great customer service, as well as fantastic communication options. This can be seen as a dating site to help you get to grips with the system of online dating. What really sets this site apart, however, is that it is the best so called “specialist” dating sites. JDate focuses specifically on the Jewish community.

Welcome to JDate, the premier Jewish singles community online. Connect with thousands of members in your area and around the world – photos, email, chat, IM and more.

6. Spark

Spark is a site with a difference. It is not known as the best site out there, but it is one of the cheapest, which makes it very interesting indeed. It also allows for completely free communication.

Unlike with those other guys Spark.com let’s you view profiles, read messages, and respond to messages all for free.

Spark prides itself on being a really fun site, but that offers serious dating for people that want it.

7. True

True is the most expensive dating site that made it onto the list of best dating sites available at the minute. One of the main reasons for this is that its matching system is second to none and nobody offers as many amazing options as what True does. Whether or not you feel it is worth the high start-up fee is a personal decision, but there seem to be some very good reasons to do so.

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Three other sites are worth mentioning. These are Plenty of Fish, Matchmaker and Singlesnet. These three and the seven above have recently been voted as being the 10 best dating sites out there. There are some significant risks that exist when taking on online dating, so it would be recommended to only deal with these ten, rather than choosing others.